Jan 14, 2009

Marikina Riverbanks Amphitheater

Marikina Riverbanks is literally at the banks of the Marikina River, hence its name. 

This cozy place has been sort of a little Luneta for Marikenos as the soft grassy slopes are ideal for sitting down and hanging around.  It serves as a park for strolling.  The bottom cemented area is also a place where you can stroll with your bike.  If you don't have one, don't worry cause there are bikes available for rent as well.

The curvature of the Marikina River caused the nearby slopes' shape to appear as a huge semi-circle,  similar to that of an amphitheater.  This is why it's been coined the Marikina Riverbanks Ampitheater. 

Several Major concerts and performances have been staged here, including concerts of Eric Santos, Gary V and just last December 2008, the APO Hiking Society in a year-ender celebration of music followed by a grande fireworks display.

Be it day or night, the Marikina Riverbanks Amphitheater is truly worth visiting.

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