Apr 28, 2009

Three Neighboring Churches

In SSS Village, there are 3 churches that are all right beside each other.  Only walls separate the lots of these three churches.

Adhering to the standard architecture of their facades, a mid-sized Iglesia ni Cristo church is located along Sapphire St. 

To its left is St. Paul of the Cross Parish.  This Catholic church has been established in 1975 and caters to thousands of Catholic families within SSS Village and Rancho.  The lot used by the parish is the biggest of the three churches.   Originally run by Passionists Priests, it was turned over to the Diocese of Antipolo.  

And adjacent to both of these churches is Christ's Beloved Community (CBC). Inside their compound is where the Marikina Christian Integrated School (MCIS) is also located.  Their Sunday worship services start at 9:00am.

You could imagine that on Sundays, this area becomes heavily populated as church-goers visit and attend mass in their respective churches.
Apr 27, 2009

Marikina Population and Voter Stats

I recently visited the National Statistical Coordination Board website,  searched for Marikina and got some interesting stats.

As of August  2007, the Marikina City population is a bit over 420,000 with nearly 200,000 registered voters (figures on registered voters are partial data from Commission on Elections (COMELEC).).   I didn't realize that I lived in a city with almost half a million residents.

Apr 26, 2009

Marikina Sports Building

There's a new building in Marikina City and it's right at the corner of the Marikina Sports Center.

Aptly called, Marikina Sports Building, it's an 8 storey building established to cater to different sports per floor.  The exterior of the building facing the Marikina City Hall has labels of each sport per floor.

A golf driving range is located on the 3rd floor with boxing, muay thai, tae-kwon-do, martial arts and a gymnast/fitness center from the 4th floor till the top floor respectively.

The building is covered in steel fences instead of walls and windows so the building is pretty much transparent.

It's not open to the public as of yet but looks like it's almost ready for the sporting residents of Marikina.
Apr 25, 2009

Marcos Highway Roots and Routes

Marcos Highway is a long stretch starting at Katipunan Road in Quezon City and connects the end of Aurora Blvd.  It passes through Marikina City and Antipolo City.  The highway intersects with another highway, namely Sumulong Highway at Masinag, Antipolo.  From hereonforth, the highway passes through Cogeo, Buso-Buso and mountainous landscape with winding roads and a scenic route of the Sierra Madre until it reaches the town of Tanay in Rizal.  The end of the highway eventually leads east to Infanta, Quezon, which is why in the 1970's, Marcos Highway was also known as the Marikina-Infanta Highway.
Apr 23, 2009

Melbeth Enterprise

Recently, a new store has opened along Katipunan Road.  Adjacent to the Marikina Badminton Center is Melbeth Enterprise.  From the looks of their display room, they're selling furniture.   They invited a priest last week with guests to formally bless the store's opening.

Melbeth Enterprise is located beside Brenx internet cafe along Katipunan Road near the corner Tangerine and Velvet streets and across the Dental Clinic.
Apr 17, 2009

Celebrities In Marikina

A handful of celebrities use to live in Marikina.  Some grew up here long before they'd be a celebrity. Here's a few:
  • Christopher de Leon used to live somewhere in Paliparan several decades ago.  
  • Sylvia La Torre used to own a house along Gen. Ordonez St when it was formerly known as Molave.  The lot where the current BPI Gen. Ordonez branch is used to be where her house was.
  • The late Helen Bela with Princess Punzalan and the rest of her family also lived in Marikina.
  • Zeny Zabala, a veteran contrabida actress used to live in Bayan
  • The late Dindo Fernando also lived in Marikina in the '80's.  I wonder if he's related to Bayani Fernando and the Fernando clan.
  • Boots Anson Roa also resided in Marikina in the past.
  • Jericho Rosales grew up in Marikina Heights and even worked at Concepcion market as a kid.
  • Jeffrey Hidalgo, singer formerly of Smokey Mountain, and now solo artist still lives in Marikina.  I see him once in a while at Starbucks Bluewave Marquinton.
  • Sonny Parsons, a member of the '70's rock group Hagibis resides in SSS Village and ran for the Marikina Mayoral position but lost
If you know more celebrities who live or used to live in Marikina, feel free to add to the list.
Apr 16, 2009

Marikina Inaugurates the Ka-Angkan Family History Center

In celebration of Marikina's 379th founding anniversary today, April 16, 2009, the city of Marikina also inaugurates the Ka-Angkan Family History Center.   What used to be the Marikina Library located at the corner of Shoe Avenue and W. Paz streets in Sta. Elena, just across Freedom Park and Marikina City Hall is now where the Ka-Angkan Family History Center resides.  It was inaugurated at 9:00am earlier this morning.

This family history center aims to collect and ensure the preservation and accessibility of genealogical, biographical, and historical information on ancestors, lineage and family trees over clans who lived in Marikina from generation to generation.   Over 40 clans' histories dating back to the 1900's are documented and archived in the form of personal and family papers, photos, and microfilm records.

The uniqueness of this Family History Center is derived from the Ka-Angkan Festival, a homegrown festivity spearheaded by former Mayor Bayani Fernando in 1998, which also makes the facility to be the first of its kind among local government units in the Philippines.

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Apr 15, 2009

Marikina Grand Mass Wedding

For those who wish to get married without worrying over the wedding costs, the city of Marikina will be conducting a Grand Mass Wedding on May 9, 2009 at 3:00pm at the Freedom Park.   

No other than Marikina Mayor Marides Fernando will be officiating the rites.  This is also a community service of Councilor Sam Ferriol.  The mass wedding was originally scheduled for May 2, 2009, but that day will now be used for rehearsals.  The actual wedding rites will be on May 9, 2009.  For more details, contact 645-4164 or 0928-6110612.

Thousands Sign up for PLDT myDSL in SM City Marikina

In the recent PLDT myDSL Ultra Broadband Blowout event in SM City Marikina, thousands have signed up on-the-spot to apply for myDSL making this their highest recorded registrations ever.  Their Quick Install kit gives you everything you need to install DSL yourself on your computer.   

Several laptop and PC packages bundled with DSL were also offered during the event.  Complink offered the HP Mininote bundled with 2 months free myDSL for only P23,950.  A Presario CQ40-310AU laptop came with free 2 months myDSL for P27,950.   Accent Micro sold Dell laptops bundled with free 4GB USB or HP printer including 4 months free myDSL.

The event was graced by Marikina Mayor Marides Fernando, who also signed up for myDSL.

For more details on myDSL and their succeeding Ultra Broadband Blowouts, visit http://www.myworldmydsl.com
Apr 13, 2009

Ka-Angkan Festival 2009

Since 1999, the Ka-Angkan Festival (Festival of Clans) is an annual celebration in Marikina City.  The event is celebrated every April, coinciding with the city's Founding Anniversary Week.  The festival pays tribute to Marikina city residents whose clans and ancestors all lived in Marikina for several generations.   The annual tradition serves as the focal point of Marikina's 379th Founding Anniversary Celebration.  

Names such as the Nepomucenos and the Fernandos have long lived in Marikina and have sprouted a long list of relatives spanning generations.

This year's Ka-Angkan is from April 13 to 18, 2009.  On the last day from 2:00pm to 7:00pm, part of Sumulong Highway and Bonifacio Ave. will be closed to traffic for the festival parade.

Experience the celebration of the Angkans here in Marikina !
Apr 10, 2009

Ano Hanap Mo ?

I saw this small canteen near the corner of Katipunan and Gen. Ordonez Ave.  It's a joint called "Ano Hanap Mo?" (What are you looking for ?)

They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Plus they have some thirst quenchers like mais con yelo, halo-halo and shakes to beat off the summer heat.  

What's kinda interesting that fries is listed below the desserts and shakes on the menu as if it were part of dessert.  The place is small with one parking space in front of it but there are several parking slots just across the street.  

O ano ? Ano hanap mo ?
Apr 9, 2009

Senakulo 2009 at the Riverbanks Amphitheater

The Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) presents Senakulo 2009 (isang pagsasadula sa ginawang  pagtubos ng ating Panginoong Jesucristo).   The event will be held at the Riverbanks Amphitheater on April 10, 2009.

Everyone is invited.
Apr 6, 2009

Visita Iglesia Suggestions for Marikina

Maundy Thursday (also known as Holy Thursday or Great and Holy Thursday), is the Christian feast or holy day falling on the Thursday before Easter that commemorates the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with the Apostles.  

In the Philippines, it is more popularly known as Visita Iglesia, a spanish phrase meaning "Church visits".   The tradition of visiting seven churches on this day is an ancient practice, originating in Rome, where early pilgrims visited the seven pilgrim churches as penance.  Some devotees believe in visiting fourteen churches and say the Stations of the Cross, with one station in each church.

If you live in nearby surrounding vicinities of Quezon City, Pasig, Antipolo, Cainta or are coming from a far but intend to include Marikina City in your Visita Iglesia church visits, there are seven churches to recommend:

1.  Nativity of Our Lady Parish.  If you've just visited the three churches along Katipunan Ave (dela Strada, Church of the Gesu inside Ateneo and Sta Clara), then this is the nearest church next to those.  Located along Major Dizon St. in Industrial Valley, this church is a small but tall church. 
 It's not too big to fit a lot of people, but it's architechture is of the pointed and elongated type, a bit similar to Iglesia ni Cristo facades.   To get here, you can take either Marcos Highway  or C5/Katipunan and turn at Major Dizon St.

2.  Our Lady of The Abandoned Church.  This is one of the oldest churches in Marikina being built in the 1700's by the Augustinians.  The church is where Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados resides, the Patron Saint of Marikina City.  Unforunately, it didn't survive 2 major earthquakes and so the current church is a rebuild.   It's located near Bayan along JP Rizal St. in Sta Elena.  Despite it's location, it's locally also referred to as the San Roque church.   Several couples
 get married here.  To get here, you can take JP Rizal St. towards Calumpang.  It is across Otto main shoe factory and Kapitan Moy.

3.  San Antonio de Padua.  Not far from Our Lady of Abandoned church and also along JP Rizal is San Antonio de Padua.  The church within Calumpang has no parking nor compound as it is along the road so park on the left side of the road since this is a one-way street.

4.  St. Paul of the Cross.   This is our parish church located within SSS Village.  The church used to be run by the Passionists Fathers of the Philippines.  It is currently under the Roman Catholic Diocese of Antipolo.  This is the main church for SSS Village but neighboring subdivisions like Rim View Park and Rancho Estates also visit.   To get here, take Sumulong Highway and turn at Soliven leading to SSS Village, then turn at Rainbow St.   

5.  Immaculate Concepcion Church.  Located along Bayan-bayanan St. in Concepcion Uno, this is the second largest and most populated church in Marikina.  It's one of the most populated becuase it is in the heart of Marikina several barangays and subdivisions surrounding it.   Most jeeps and buses travelling through Marikina pass through this church.  To get here, take Paliparan and at the end of its long stretch is Concepcion market with Immaculate Concepcion just right across it.

6.  San Isidro Labrador Parish.  This church is located in Nangka, Parang and another church under the Diocese of Antipolo.  This is the church I'm least familiar with so for directions, you can call them at 948-2829.

7.  Jesus dela Pena. This is first permanent Church established in Marikina built by the Jesuits in 1630 located in the community of Jesus dela Peña.  Marikina has once been called Jesus dela Pena in honor of the Infant Child Jesus. The chapel has been declared a national shrine by the National Historical Commission.  There is no parking so to get there,  and the one way roads are as small as eskinitas.  You can park by the Riverpark and cross the river by footbridge.

Happy Visita Iglesia !

Summer Fun for Kids...

I got this flyer last Sunday after mass and figured I'd share it here.

Little Child of Jesus School has a summer program for kids.   They offer story telling, art, reading, water fun , cooking, music and get this, yoga for kids.  Now that's a first for me to learn of !   

They have lots of fun and exciting activitied lined up for kids.  Little Child of Jesus School, a preschool for dynamic kids, offers toddler, nursery, kinder and prep programs.  They are located at #72 Rodeo Street, Rancho Estate 3, Marikina City.  For inquiries, you can call them up at 942-0306.
Apr 2, 2009

Income Tax Returns Due

The Revenue District Office No. 45 which caters to Marikina is handing out flyers reminding people and businesses to avoid the rush and make sure to file their taxes before the deadline.  April 15, 2009 is the last day of Filing of Income Tax Returns (ITR).  

In leiu of this, BIR Marikina has also set up some satellite centers to accept tax filing.  To avoid long lines at the RDO No. 45 branch along Marcos Highway, you can also file your returns at Bluewave Marquinton.   A table is setup at the middle of the ground floor fronting the escalators.

Avoid the rush and file today.