Feb 27, 2009

"You Changed My Life" Scenes Shot in Marikina

You Changed My Life is the sequel to the 2008 blockbuster movie "A Very Special Love", starring Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz.

The story is about the continuation of Laida Magtalas and Miggy Montenegro as a couple and the hardships they encounter to sustain their relationsihp.

Laida Magtalas played by Sarah Geronimo, lives with her big family.  The movie uses one side of the Marikina Riverpark as their home.   Several scenes were taken along the Marikina Riverpark trail and Marikina RiverPark establishments.   Clear shots of the river, the huge OTTO shoes sign in the background, several decorations at the center of the river and some of the restaurants situated along the river trail's stretch were used as on-location scenes.

The beautiful garden wedding reception scenes too were taken at one of the reception restaurants on the left side of the riverpark (from the bridge). 

I heard about their movie taping in this area several months ago.   Yesterday, I got to see it when I watched the movie.  It's predicted to be another hit blockboster following the original movie's success.  

Check out their official website at http://youchangedmylife.starcinema.com.ph/
Feb 25, 2009

Callalily's Newest Music Video "Hintay"

Callalily, the teen heathrob rock group,  just released their new video for "Hintay", the current song they're promoting from their album entitled "Fisheye". Aside from their manager Darwin Hernandez, who lives in Marikina, part of the video is shot at the San Jose residence in Twinville Subdivision, Concepcion, Marikina City.

Another part of the video is also shot at Figaro within the Brick Road area of Sta Lucia East in Cainta.

You can vote for this song by texting MYX VOTE HINTAY and send to 2366..

Check out their website at http://callalilybandph.multiply.com/
Feb 22, 2009

Blogger Event at SM City Marikina - Wifi Stress Testing

I'm reposting this courtesy of Azrael. Please visit his blog post for more details and to sign up.

When : February 28, 2009 ( Saturday)
Time : 2pm - 5pm
Where : Cyberzone, SM Marikina

Fill up the online registration to join the SM Marikina bloggers event and Wifi stress testing. Each bloggers or group of bloggers should bring their own laptop, wifi enabled devices, cellphones or gadgets to participate for the event. Live blogging, plurking, twitting, surfing etc. will be held in all areas of SM Marikina. The free wifi access will be available on that date. You can test the areas of the mall for activity of the wifi hot spot. Special venues will be provided in all areas of SM Marikina for the wifi test activity.

Lucky bloggers have a chance to win prizes to be raffled off during the event with an ASUS laptop as the major prize to be raffled off after the wifi testing period.  

Registration will start at 2pm.  Snacks and coffee will be served upon registration.
The event is limited to 200 bloggers only so sign up now !

Online form can be found at http://azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com/2009/02/sm-marikina-bloggers-event-2009.html
Feb 21, 2009

Industrial Valley, Marikina's Gate

Some people think that Industrial Valley is part of Quezon City, when in fact, it's part of Marikina City.   Some think so because it's the only barangay of Marikina City on the other side of Marcos Highway.  Industrial Valley is also right beside Barangay Escopa, which is the zigzag and hilly area connected to C5/Katipunan in Quezon City.

Despite of its name, Industrial Valley is really residential in nature.  Several homes reside in this hilly and heavily tree-populated barangay with its main artery being Major Dizon road.   This is a straight road where Nativity of Our Lady Parish, the Barangay Hall, Public Safety Center (Fire Department, Police Station, and Ambulance) and park are all located.  The end of the road connects to Marcos Highway and just before entering the highway stretch is the Light Rail Transit (LRT) going to its final destination, Santolan Terminal.  

At the riverside sits Dutch Marikina, a series of homes whose colorful facades were patterned after Dutch architechture.  Motorists pass by Industrial Valley as a shortcut from C5 to Marcos Highway and Marikina Riverbanks.

Ongoing Creek Dredging in SSS Village

The Balanti Creek, which is more popularly known as "Sapa" separating Marikina City from Cainta is currently being dredged. Part of the bike lane along Green Street in SSS Village is now occupied by some heavy machinery to clean up parts of the creek and remove any hindrances from waterflow.

The bike lane (yellow grills in the photo) which follows the curvature of the creek starts from Sumulong Highway and ends at Lilac street near Soliven. During rains, this creek is one of the main water passages leading rainwater from out to Marikina River.

Hopefully, this will reduce the chance of any flash floods during the rainy season.
Feb 18, 2009

Massage On Call

I was handed out this flyer yesterday at the Bluewave Marquinton Mall. Might as well share it with you guys. (I should get a free massage for promoting them. )
It's a "Massage On Call" service provided by Shen Zhen Spa. (I wonder why they didn't call it Shen Zhen Shpa to make all the "h"'s balanced.) For only P299 (their off-peak rate), you can enjoy a full body massage. They're located right at the Marquinton residences.

You can reach them by calling 490-5246 or visit them at Unit 18 and 19 (ground floor I think) of the Allicante Tower, Maqruinton Residences.

Get your massage today. :)
Feb 12, 2009

Tapsi ni Vivian Official Launch Today

While along Marcos Highway earlier, I saw a huge searchlight in the sky. I wasn't sure where it came from. Then after making the u-turn along Marcos and heading to Gil Fernando, I finally saw where the searchlight was originating from... the 2nd floor of the new building where Tapsi ni Vivian is situated.

It's their official launch today (even if it was softlaunched last month). They're celebrating from 5pm up to 3am the next day. Being a 24 hour restaurant, it's not unusual. There were lots of cars parked there and it looked like there was a disco or party going on at the top floor.

Due to limited parking space, if you do happen to pass by Tapsi ni Vivian and spot a vacant parking space, don't even have 2nd thoughts about dining. That's your chance to sample and taste the fine bulalo and tapsi they have.

Bon Apetit !
Feb 11, 2009

Preparing for Valentines Day

If you're the type who loves to give flowers to your loved-ones, then the best place to go in Marikina is in Bayan. Just at the side of the plaza (beside Ministop) fronting Marikina City Hall is a line of flower boutiques. They are open as early as 6am till 9pm. And during special occasions like Valentine's day, they are open as long as there are customers.

Their prices are very affordable even if it would increase during this peak season for flowers.

It's advisable to get there early cause even though flowers are delivered to them several times a day, the sheer demand for flowers during Valentines day may cause flowers to be sold out. You'll see cars parked all around them as the days come closer to Valentines.

I personally get my flowers from my suking florist, June & Chat flowers. They can create custom arrangements based on your requirements. Look for the morena with the smiling face and she'll happily assist you.
Feb 9, 2009

District Dispatch

District Dispatch, a Free Ads Magazine has been circulating in Marikina since 2003.  The magazine  includes ads from product offerings like office equipment,  jewelry and condos to home services like piano tuning, computer repair, spa and massage treatment and catering.   

Distrution is up to 15,000 copies circulating around Marikina City and a reader base of 75,000.   The ads and distribution are not limited to Marikina City.  Nearby ares in the East such as Quezon City, Pasig City, Cainta and Antipolo also receive an additional circulation of 15,000.  

District Dispatch is released once a month.  You can get your copies at Bluewave Marquinton, Burger King Marcos Highway, Brick Road and Theater Zone of Sta Lucia East Grand Mall, C^B Circle Mall, Cherry Foodarama, Fitness First at Robinsons Metro East, Sta Lucia Health Care Center, and Kingsville Subd.  Within the Ortigas area, you can get a copy at Ever Gotesco Mall, City & Land, Mega Plaza, Antel Global, Prestige Tower and 1 Shop, Vista Verde.

For inquiries, call 682-8535, 710-5254 or e-mail districtdispatch@yahoo.com.
Feb 8, 2009

Marikina Revenue District Office Not In Marikina

The BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) of Marikina is known as RDO-45 or Revenue District Office 45.  It used to be located behind the corner of Marcos Highway and Gil Fernando Ave.

Last year, they transferred to their new and bigger location, along Marcos Highway near AMA and Filinvest.   They now have their own building and parking lot.   

I find it strange though that the official Revenue District for Marikina is now in Antipolo making it less convenient for Mariknenos requiring them to travel outside the city for their tax needs.

BIR RDO No. 45 has moved to Sto. Nino, near Amang Rodriguez Hospital in Bayan.
Feb 7, 2009

24 Hour Fastfoods

If you're coming home late night to Marikina or passing through, there are couple of places you can have a late meal, a quick midnight snack, or take home food.  Aside from the usual convenience stores, there are a few 24 hour fastfood joints.  

If you're coming from Quezon City or Pasig City and cruising along Marcos Highway, you can get a quick bite at Burger King.  Contrary to popular belief, this branch is not located in Cainta or Antipolo.  It's just at the very outskirt of Marikina City.   Aside from the standard menu of Burger King, this branch also serves breakfast meals as early as 12 midnight.   They also serve a huge cup of coffee when you order their BK Joe coffee.    They have a drive-thru road for those who wish to take out their food. What's unique about this branch of Burger King is that there is an internet cafe on the 2nd floor, which is also open 24 hours.  A lot of people spend the wee hours of the morning here equipped with their laptops enjoying the free wifi when you order.  

When you take the immediate u-turn after Burger King, you'll instantly see McDonalds to your right.   McDonalds is also 24 hours open and has a drive thru for convenience.   Unlike Burger King, they only start serving breakfast at 6am.   Their standard menu though is available any time of the day.   What's convenient about this branch is that just outside is a taxi stand where taxis as always available during the night and early morning.

If you're not too keen on fastfood, you can turn right to Gil Fernando Ave and not far is the famous Tapsi Ni Vivian.  Here, you can dine and select from a vast menu.   Their specials, bulalo and tapsi are always available.   If you're the type who would like your meal served on a plate instead of a styrofoam container or wrapped in plastic, then this is the place for you.

Feb 5, 2009

Madison Avenue

Just across Pan de Amerikana bakery in Marikina Heights is a new restaurant called Madison Avenue. It has nothing to do with where its located cause it's along Gen. Ordonez St. This cozy restaurant recently opened in January 2009 and serves from 7am to 10pm.  Entering the restuarant, you'd have the impression that it's an enclosed area due to the grills on each side and the huge hut-like top,  but it's actually an open-air area.   The chandelier lighting, figurines and decorations make the place a homey one, as if you were just beside a mansion's veranda.

There are some nipa huts at the back and a 2nd floor for functions.  Also, when you enter, there is an enclosed sqare room which seems to cater to after-meals as the cookie jar and a ref with some desserts were situated. 

Their food groups comprise of breakfast favorites (tocilog, tapsilog,  longsilog and daingsilog), tasty sandwiches (chicken sandwich and grilled cheese sandwich), pastas (baked macaroni, chicken fusille and carbonara), sizzling specials (sizzling porkchop, taningue, bangus, tilapia and devilled hotdogs), merienda (pancit bihon, canton, guisado) and grilled dishes (pork bbq, chicken bbq and grilled liempo).

I ordered the sizzling porkchop which includes a cup of rice, soup and softdrinks.  As the name suggested, my order was served in a sizzling plate with beans and grazy poured over the porkchop.  The serving is just enough to satisfy an empty stomach.  The bottled softdrink though is served in a 240ml bottle, so you may need additional drinks if you're the thirsty type.  The dishes are moderately priced so it won't be costly to try any entree on the menu.

Overall, I find the place cozy and gives you the feeling of dining at home, but a much bigger home.  

Try it out when you pass by Marikina Heights.

New Access Road Near SM City Marikina Opened

If you're coming from Antipolo headed to Quezon City via Marcos Highway, you can turn right just before SM City Marikina.   The road splits to two:  one road leading to parking at the back, and another which leads to the front of the mall more as a pickup and drop off point.

Now, you can also take the Diosdado Macapagal flyover and before it curves away from SM Marikina, an access road to the right is open to motorists.  This also leads to the other side of SM City Marikina parking but it also leads to another road that passes underneath the Marcos Highway bridge and goes back to the other side of Marcos Highway.  In short, it's kinda a wide U-turn (which doesn't happen to be  U-turn in shape).   

The road is ideal for dropping off and picking up people from the LRT Santolan station since you'll be at the side of the LRT terminal.
Feb 3, 2009


Marikina City has been known for its progressive shoe industry.

And Marikina showcases the shoes in many forms.    For example, along Marikina River around Bayan, you'll see some giant shoes floating at the middle and lighted up in the evenings.   You may encounter a motorized high heel cruising the streets.  

And then there's the ShoeStore.  Nope we're not talking about actual shoes being sold.

Instead, the entire store is situated inside a big shoe. 

Some sari-sari stores along the stretch of Champagnat Ave. in front of the World of Butterflies going to the Marikina Heights National High School are designed as giant shoes, whose sides can be opened to cater to customers.   Think of a Burger Machine mobile stand but inside a shoe instead of steel housing.   These colorful shoes in Marikina Heights are another project of the city of Marikina created to cater to showcase Marikina's flourishing shoe industry.
Feb 2, 2009

Toyota To Migrate To a New Home

Toyota Marikina is one of the busiest car dealer brands in Marikina City.  Aside from sales and a showroom displaying its latest models, Toyota also serves as Service Station for Toyota owners.

Due to its limited space, Toyota is also renting the lot behind Metrobank to accommodate their influx of cars, whether brand new or cars being serviced.

This is why they will be moving to a newer and bigger lot.

Toyota Marikina will be moving to the grassy vacant lot beside Kia Marikina alonng Sumulong Highway and just across the future site of Toledo Towers.  They will practically be near the outskirts of NCR (National Capitol Region) as Sumulong Highway leads to Cainta and Antipolo, both in Rizal.  However, the huge lot will cater to their need for a bigger area for their operations.

Although the transfer has been approved, Toyota is not certain when the transfer will take place. With this move, I hope for yet bigger and better things to come from Toyota Marikina.   
Feb 1, 2009

Wear Your Helmet

Marikina City strictly observes the helmet ordinance for motocyclists.

Ordinance #133 series of 2006 from the Traffic Management Code of Marikina City states that motorcyclists must wear a helmet at all times while in transit.  Failure to do so will be fined P500.

You may think that you can get away with it for short trips and trvavelling during odd times of the day.  But Marikina City traffic officers put up random checkpoints at random times of the day within the city.  So rather than take a chance, it's better to abide and wear your helmet.  

Besides, it's for your own protection.