Feb 5, 2009

Madison Avenue

Just across Pan de Amerikana bakery in Marikina Heights is a new restaurant called Madison Avenue. It has nothing to do with where its located cause it's along Gen. Ordonez St. This cozy restaurant recently opened in January 2009 and serves from 7am to 10pm.  Entering the restuarant, you'd have the impression that it's an enclosed area due to the grills on each side and the huge hut-like top,  but it's actually an open-air area.   The chandelier lighting, figurines and decorations make the place a homey one, as if you were just beside a mansion's veranda.

There are some nipa huts at the back and a 2nd floor for functions.  Also, when you enter, there is an enclosed sqare room which seems to cater to after-meals as the cookie jar and a ref with some desserts were situated. 

Their food groups comprise of breakfast favorites (tocilog, tapsilog,  longsilog and daingsilog), tasty sandwiches (chicken sandwich and grilled cheese sandwich), pastas (baked macaroni, chicken fusille and carbonara), sizzling specials (sizzling porkchop, taningue, bangus, tilapia and devilled hotdogs), merienda (pancit bihon, canton, guisado) and grilled dishes (pork bbq, chicken bbq and grilled liempo).

I ordered the sizzling porkchop which includes a cup of rice, soup and softdrinks.  As the name suggested, my order was served in a sizzling plate with beans and grazy poured over the porkchop.  The serving is just enough to satisfy an empty stomach.  The bottled softdrink though is served in a 240ml bottle, so you may need additional drinks if you're the thirsty type.  The dishes are moderately priced so it won't be costly to try any entree on the menu.

Overall, I find the place cozy and gives you the feeling of dining at home, but a much bigger home.  

Try it out when you pass by Marikina Heights.


  1. yah.. we had our post valentines dinner at Madison Avenue last Feb. 15 and the food was great!!!! they served fillet mignon.. roast pork belly and samon. the manager said they serve special sit down dinners during special occasions. The food is tasty.. and we especially loved the desserts like the mini cakes.. especially the mango cake. also the oatmeal cookies are really yummy, hindi mukang tiniped sa ingredients. The last time we ate there was last week.. we had tocilog and longsilog. Its such a relief eating tocilog knowing that the food and the place is clean and the ambiance is very homey. Its like we had comfort food, outside our home.. but still feeling like its home cooked. We loved it

  2. hi tina ! that's great ! :) nice to know you enjoyed your dinner there. I'd like to try out the other foods next time I get to go there.