Jul 17, 2010

Typhoon Basyang Leaves Casualties

waterways due for dredging & unclogging

Typhoon Basyang (international name Conson) landed on the Philippine area of responsibility early this week. Being the 2nd typhoon of the year, Basyang brought more winds than rain as winds of up to 95 kph were felt the strongest around Tuesday night till a couple hours past midnight in Metro Manila. Classes were suspended when signal no. 2 was raised by the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA).

Marikina City had already rolled out flood-preventive measures. However, the typhoon didn't cause any destructive flooding to the city. Instead, wind-related casualties were brought about. Several tree branches were torn apart and signages were torn down by the winds.

A signage fell down along J. Chanyungco St. (former Oriole St.), in New Marikina Subdivision. Also, a huge tree was uprooted and blocked the road at Father Manalo Street in Barangay Sto. Nino. And even though there was a major power failure Luzon-wide causing an entire day blackout, an electrocution casualty occurred when a man who was believed to be drunk, suffered from third-degree burns when he touched a high-tension wire in Calumpang, San Roque early Wednesday morning.

Prior to typhoon Basyang, Marikina City Mayor Del De Guzman has already begun implementing flood-preventive measures such as ordering the regular dredging of the Marikina River and unclogging canals and various waterways within the city. There are a predicted total of 20 or more typhoons to hit the Philippines this year and whether or not they may be as destructive as 2009's Typhoon Ondoy, Marikina City is on alert to make all flood-preventive efforts for the rainy season.
Jul 13, 2010

Photo: Marquinton Residences Showroom

Showroom of the Marquinton Residences along Sumulong Highway and the actual multi-story Marquinton Residences condominiums behind it
Jul 10, 2010

Photo: Poultry and Technology

A herd of statue cows in the background and a city robot are fronting the gymnasium at Marikina Heights around the corner of East Drive St. and St. Marcellin Champagnat St. right beside St. Scholastica Marikina and Circle Mall.
Jul 8, 2010

Marikina City Health Office Conducts City-wide Cleanup

Mayor Del de Guzman has ordered the City Health Office to conduct a clean-up effort to prevent further spreading of dengue. Popular breeding grounds of this mosquito-borne virus are stale waters from drum containers, gutters, canals and mud puddles, thrown away bottles & cans and other hiding places like unused tires are what the City Health Office will be looking for to clean up.

A couple of dengue-related cases have been reported in Barangay Concepcion Uno and Barangay Industrial Valley Complex. Because of this, Assistant City Health Officer, Dr. Honnielyn Fernando mentioned that these two barangays will be closely monitored in addition to the appointment of health personnel to supervise dengue monitoring for the other barangays.

The City Engineering Office is also helping out by continuing its operation “Walang Pusali sa Marikina” and “Operation Tambak” which both aim at filling open spaces and stale water areas with soil to prevent stagnant water.

Jul 7, 2010

Ayos Dito Sa Marikina

Ever needed household help and one who lives nearby ?  Or looking for a school service who caters to your kids school ?  Or looking for jobs online within your city ?

I did a quick search on AyosDito.ph for Marikina City and found these kinds of results.  I even found an ad of a  man currently living in Marikina looking for a job as a family driver.  This would be handy for my tita who usually needs a driver and prefers one who resides nearby for convenience.

This is what impressed me with AyosDito.ph.  Their online service is not only limited to a classified ads buy, sell & trading of items, but also serves as a venue for jobs and services within your location.  You won't find these kinds of ads on job sites who'll require you to submit your biodata and fill out a long form before adding you to their online database.  For me, it's the simplicity of adding your data as well as searching for it from within your locality which makes AyosDito.ph convenient and effective.

Try it out and do a search for Marikina and you'll find various results such as items, vehicles, condos, jobs, services and businesses within the city boundaries.  It's convenient for those with immediate needs and don't know where or how to start searching.  You just might find out that what you're looking for is close by.