Sep 27, 2016

Remembering Typhoon Ondoy 7 Years Ago

Last September 26 was the 7th anniversary since Typhoon Ondoy struck the Philippines.  For Marikina City, it became one of the horrific typhoons because of the non-stop heavy rains it brought causing severe flooding in most parts of the city.

I remember clearly it was a Saturday morning and raining.  Being from Marikina, you usually are alert to monitor the rains especially if it's non-stop due to floods.   When we saw the first sign of flooding at the street level, we weren't very alarmed since it takes time before the waters would rise from street to sidewalk and if ever, inside the gate and in our experience, water usually subsides even before it would reach at an alarming level.  Living in Marikina, we've experienced floods from time to time and know the drill.  The highest floods in the past years prior to Ondoy measured only up to around 3 feet high inside the house.  This was also one of the reasons why we had a 2nd floor built.

So it was a real surprise that even though the rains lessened in downpour, the water was still rising.  And in less than an hour, flood water started entering the house flowing as fast as a fountain. All of a sudden, everything became a priority.  We had to figure out where to put our 3 dogs who were stranded on top of a table.  We had 2 cars that were slowly being submerged till rooftop.  We had a huge refrigerator that suddenly became afloat and looked like a boat floating from kitchen to dining room and we had to avoid from being hit by it cause it was heavy and filled with food.   We had to cut off electricity cause the wall electricity outlets were just about to get submerged in flood.  We had to save food from getting wet and spoiled.  And we had to all move upstairs for our safety.  We had to do a lot of things but couldn't because of the swift speed the water level was rising to.

If this wasn't bad enough for us, we knew that this was the same scenario for all of our neighbors who were experiencing the exact same situation feeling the effects which Typhoon Ondoy brought.  So nobody could help anybody else.

The flood water reached up to an all time high of over 5 feet inside the entire first floor of our house, and even deeper outside.  The sheer volume of flood water inside the house practically made the doors almost impossible to open or close.  A lot of our belongings were soaked.   We all stayed upstairs only equipped with a radio as our source of what's happening elsewhere.  We heard that Marikina River transformed into a Raging River and which overflowed and spread to the riverbanks including Provident Villages, which we heard experienced up to 10 - 20 feet of flood water in the entire village.

 An array of emotions spun around us but by this time, we were basically physically and emotionally drained. We prayed for our safety and for the safety of our other family and friends who may have been affected by Typhoon Ondoy.

It took hours before the floodwaters finally subsided and what was left was devastation and destruction of property everywhere.  The next day, all the neighbors were cleaning their respective houses.  It wasn't easy to clean an entire house with mud, debris and trash.

The long term aftereffects of Ondoy?  We didn't have electricity for 1 month.  We had to rely on donations for food not because we couldn't afford to buy, but because there was almost no store in Marikina that survived so there wasn't anything to buy.  And the nearest grocery stores experienced hoarding and panic buying cause people needed to replenish damaged food and prepare since it wasn't the end of the typhoon season yet.  Any sign of continuous rain thereafter was always a sign of concern and alarm for us and for Marikenos.

It took a while before we eventually recovered and got back to normal. But the memory of Typhoon Ondoy affecting Marikina City will never be forgotten.

Sep 26, 2016

84 Children Baptized in a Binyagan Bayan sa OLOPSC 2016

In solidarity with the evangelization and acts of mercy advocacies of the Catholic Church and to translate corporate social responsibility initiatives into action, Mrs. Carmen Caday. Salvador, President of OLOPS College, sponsored a Binyagang Bayan for children of deprived families in nearby barangays in celebration of her 75th birthday.. Eighty-four (84) children, a dozen more than the President’s age of 75 , were baptized by Rev. Fr. Rommel Felizardo of the Immaculate Conception Parish in appropriate rites held at the OLOPSC Chapel on Saturday, September 24, 2016. In addition to the mass baptism, OLOPSC also gave away gift certificates and served food and refreshments for the parents, ninongs and ninangs . 
Binyagang Bayan held last Sept. 24 at OLOPSC Chapel in celebration of the 75th Birthday of OLOPSC President Carmen Caday Salvador.

Thank you Mrs. Carmen C. Salvador for your kindness.

Aug 15, 2016

Floating Crane Spotted Drifting in Marikina River

Last August 13, 2016, around 2:30pm, a crane on a barge was dislodged from the Marikina River banks and floated along the Marikina River. A portion bumped into the pillars beneath the Marikina Bridge as it floated underneath the bridge.  On the floating device was 19 year old Romeo Laguna, who was able to jump away from the barge and was rescued by Marikina City personnel before the crane eventually sunk when it collided with the Marcos Bridge, Marcos Highway.

(amateur footage of barge with crane passing through Marikina Bridge dislodged by Marikina high water levels)
(barge with crane passing underneath Marcos Bridge flips and sinks)
According to Marikina Mayor Marcy Teodoro, the crane was situated by the side of Marikina River which was currently used for dredging and piledriving by the riverside for slope protection. Unfortunately, the water level rose at quick rate, unlocking the floating device and crane from its position.

Due to continuous rains brought by Habagat, the water level reached 18.6 meters around 6pm. Eight floodgates were opened to lower the water level. By 9:45pm, water level receded to 17.5 meters.

According to, as of August 15, 9:00am, water level has receded to 14.8 meters and all flood alerts have been lifted. However, classes in all levels have been suspended for Marikina.

 Here are some news report situationer updates on Marikina River and the weather.
Addendum: This is the not the first time large man-made objects floated and crashed into the bridges in Marikina. In 2012, a floating stage also crashed into the bridge causing it to be schredded into pieces.
Aug 4, 2016

Marikina Shoe Festival 2006 (ThrowbackThursday)

The Marikina Sapatos (Shoe) Festival was initially launched in 2002 under the previous Marikina Mayor Lourdes Fernando. It's aim has been to showcase the Marikina shoe industry with a series of events such as parades, bazaars and shows around the city.

A Marikina Shoe Festival Caravan goes out of the Shoe Capital to visit neighboring cities promoting shoes proudly made from Marikina.

Here is a shoe parade of giant shoes that went around the city in 2006.

Visit the following pages for updates on the Marikina Sapatos Festival
Official Site:
Jul 21, 2016

Throwback Thursday: The Site for Marquinton Residences

#TBT: Taken in 2005, this temporary office was built on the site in front of where the Marquinton Residences now stands.

This round flattened area still exists.  Can you guess where it is today?

Jun 24, 2016

Marikina Participated in the 2nd MMDA Shake Drill

Following the success from last year's ShakeDrill, Marikina participated for the 2nd time in the Metro Manila ShakeDrill, along with other participating cities in Metro Manila. Last June 22, at 9:00am, Marikina prepared to act on an earthquake scenario simulation.  

This time, the simulation was a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. SM Marikina participated and reported 531 employees and mall goers were successfully rescued. In addition, the mall area was declared secured within 35 minutes from the start of the simulation exercise.
MMDA Chairman Emerson Carlos said “We hope to institutionalize this exercise so that the public may develop a culture of preparedness.”

Fore more info, visit All Systems Go for 2ND ShakeDrill

Apr 6, 2016

5th Philippine National Fireworks Festival 2016 Happening at Riverbanks Center

Time to bring out your cameras and point them to the sky!

Come visit the Riverbanks Center’s 5th Philippine National Fireworks Festival 2016 (PNFF).  Participants joining the competition will be coming from Quezon, Cavite, Batangas, Laguna, Palawan, Bulacan, Negros Oriental and Metro Manila. The competition starts on April 9, and continues on April 16, and 23 for the Eliminations.  The Grand Finals will be on April 30 from 7pm-8pm at the Riverbanks Center Amphitheater.

Free admission for everyone watching the Elimination Rounds on April 9, 16 & 23 (7-8pm).  There's  a P100. ticket fee for the Grand Finals on April 30. (Tickets are available at the Riverbanks Mall Customer Service Counter, Atrium Lane. For tickets inquiry and/or reservation, please call 570-0701 local 333 or 451.)

The participants are:
PNFF 2016
Name of Company
Tiaong, Quezon
Ding Fireworks
Silang, Cavite
Global Foxes Fireworks
Batangas City
Emperor Fireworks
Cabuyao City, Laguna
Wow Mamatid Fireworks
Lemery, Batangas
JNM Pyrotechnics
Bocaue Bulacan
Pyromount Fireworks
Puerto Princesa, Palawan
JCA Firewroks
Sibulan, Negros Oriental
Anisan Fireworks
Valenzuela City
Skyglitters Fireworks

For more information on the 5th Philippine National Fireworks Festival 2016 , check out and
Feb 2, 2016

OLOPSC High School Dance Fundraiser for OLOPSC’s 38th Founding Anniversary

This year’s high school dance entitled ‘Euphoria: Indefinite Trance and Neon Lights” will once again set the house on fire on February 12 at 6pm to 12 midnight at the OLOPSC gym. To give explosive numbers are the OLOPSCian dancers, alumni, faculty and its main artist the Up Dharma Down. DJ Coki will make the event even more fun with his gags and antics. The event which is another fund-raising project of the HSSO will be part of the OLOPSC’s 38th Founding Anniversary. Ticket is priced at ₱230.00
Feb 1, 2016

OLOPS College Launches the 1st Ever Marikina Inter-Preschool Quiz Bee

OLOPS College sets the stage for the first ever Inter-Preschool Quiz Bee in Marikina City. It will be held on February 3, 2016 at the DS Hall from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. To be hosted by the OLOPSC Preschool Department, the event will bring together the brightest preschoolers from eight participating schools to compete in an exciting friendly competition.

Ms. Nicelee Morada, Head of the OLOPSC Preschool, considers this friendly competition as a great venue to showcase the pupils’ growing knowledge and skills in Reading, Language, and Mathematics. She believes that this is a move supporting OLOPSC’s advocacy of planting seeds of excellence by providing young learners an opportunity to develop their confidence and competencies, and a winning attitude to propel them to be their best as they recognize and appreciate the best in others, too.

Each of the following participating schools will be sending four representatives to compete as a team (in alphabetical order): C.A. Santos Learning Center, Kidstech Learning Center, Little Builders Children’s Center, My Playland Learning Center, Mother of Divine Providence School, Rainbow Bright Kiddie School, SMART Progressive School, and St. John Bosco Learning Center of Marikina. At the end of the Quiz Bee, the top three participants will be bringing home awards and prizes.

Ms. Morada wishes to highlight that this should not be mainly about winning awards and prizes, but more about giving our young pupils an experience to shine – to be happy, brave, and proud—as they do their best. It’s about taking pleasure and pride in knowing that they are learning much from school and are ready to step into the bigger world.

OLOPSC believes that this will be a step toward future collaborations with fellow schools in Marikina City in providing our students enhanced learning experiences.
Jan 18, 2016

German "Kuya Germs" Moreno Buried in Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina

The entire entertainment industry and supporters mourned the loss of a great person in the entertainment industry, German "Kuya Germs" Moreno, who passed away at the age of 82, last January 8, 2016 due to cardiac arrest.
German Moreno's modest beginning in the entertainment industry started as working as a janitor and telonero (curtain raiser) of Clover Theater in 1957.  Since then, Kuya Germs was known for being a comedian, actor, radio commentator, host and eventually earned the nickname of "Master Showman." He has discovered a lot of talents and launched careers of many celebrities.

Last January 14, 2016 German Moreno was buried at Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina City.
German Moreno joins his parents, Jose Moreno y Calvo (April 23, 1946) and Aurora Molina Vda de Moreno (Sept. 1991) and only sister Pilar Moreno Nite (June 13, 2011) at the Garden of Devotion in Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina.

To visit German Moreno at Loyola Memorial Park, enter the main gate and take the left road.  Look for the San Antonio de Padua statue to the left side, and walk towards the wall.   Landmark is the Barangka Credit Cooperative (blue and yellow) building.

To watch the entire internment services, click below.