Apr 3, 2021

Medical Director For Jesus Immaculate Concepcion Hospital, Doctor Editha Cruz Zulueta Passed Away (April 2, 2021)

It is with a heavy heart to share the sad news that Doctor Editha Cruz Zulueta passed away last April 2, 2021. She was 79 years old.

**Doctor Editha Cruz Zulueta (1942-2021)

Doctor Zulueta served as the *medical director for Jesus Immaculate Concepcion Hospital located along Katipunan Avenue, Concepcion Uno, since 1972. 

Aside from being a pediatrician, Doctor Zulueta was also a founding member and former treasurer of the Private Hospital Association of the Philippines and a lifetime member of the Philippine Medical Association, Marikina Valley Medical Society.
Personally speaking, Doctor Zulueta has been my pediatrician and our family doctor for as long as I could remember. As a child, whenever I needed medical attention, we would see Dr. Zulueta as it was just nearby our house in SSS Village. In 1997, when I was diagnosed with dengue, I was admitted to the Jesus Immaculate Concepcion Hospital, to which Dr. Zulueta also facilitated my recovery.  

Because many of my relatives living in Marikina have also been regularly seeing Dr. Zulueta, they have also considered her to be their family doctor of choice.

As we offer our condolences to the Cruz-Zulueta family, join us in thanking Dr. Editha Cruz Zulueta for her dedicated years of service as a doctor, healer, and friend. We will miss her deeply. 

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**Photo courtesy of Joysie Daigo Guarde-Reynoso