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Marikina City is a valley bounded by mountain ranges and separated by a river.  It is one of the 11 cities and 6 towns comprising Metro Manila / National Capitol Region.  It lies 16 kilometers east of Manila.  It is bounded on the east by the Sierra Madre Mountains and Antipolo City; on the west, by the Quezon City hills, on the north, by San Mateo & Montalban/Rodriguez, and on the south by Pasig City and Cainta.

Marikina City has 2 districts each with 8 barangays.  District 1 occupies the southwest side of Marikina River and the entire south of Marikina City, and District 2 occupies the northwest (Loyola Grand Villas) side of Marikina River and the whole northern and eastern part of Marikina City which is considered as the bigger district of the 2 in terms of land area.

District 1

  • Barangka
  • Calumpang
  • Industrial Valley
  • Jesus Dela Pena
  • San Roque
  • Sta. Elena (Poblacion)
  • Santo Niño
  • Tañong
District 2
  • Concepcion Uno
  • Concepcion Dos
  • Fortune
  • Malanday
  • Marikina Heights
  • Nangka
  • Parang
  • Tumana
Marikina has an estimated total population of over 450,000. The people from Marikina are called "Marikeño" and "Marikeña".