Apr 25, 2010

Photo: Robot Guarding City Hall

This is one of the many robots behind Marikina City Hall surrounding the fountain area.  At the robots back is the Marquinton Residences.
Apr 23, 2010

Shell's Get 1 Liter Of Gas For Free Promo Extended

The Shell Marikina promo is extended ! As their "Pasasalamat Ng Shell... sa bawa't karkga, may libre ka !" promo, the 3 Marikina Shell gas stations are giving away a free liter of gas and rebates on their Select store.

From April 19 - 24, 2010, get a free liter of gas or diesel with a P500. minimum purchase of gas or diesel and from April 25-30, 2010, get P20. off any Shell Select or Shell Shop item with the same P500. minimum purchase.

This promo is only valid at the following Marikina Shell Gas Stations:
  1. Marcos Highway Marikina (across Robinsons Metro East)
  2. A. Tuazon, San Roque, Marikina (Sumulong bound)
  3. Marcos Highway, Mayamot, Antipolo (going to Masinag)
When you gas up for P500., just present a coupon (which can also be requested at any of the above gas stations) and present the coupon for your free liter of gas or P20. off Shell Select items.  You can redeem your free liter of gas immediately.  That's worth around P40. - P50. depending on what kind of gas you're using.

Hataw To The Max Dance Exercise Competition

Calling all dance enthusiasts: The Marikina City Health Office presents a dance exercise competition entitled "Hataw To The Max".  This will be held on April 24, 2010 (Saturday) from 8am to 12noon at the Marikina City Hall Quadrangle.  
Apr 22, 2010

Marikina City Celebrates Earth Day 2010

The city of Marikina makes a continuous and conscious effort to do its share of preserving mother earth and one of them is celebrating and participating in the annual Earth Day movement.  This year's theme for Earth Day in Marikina is "Hamon Ng Panahon: Climate Change".  Several activities were lined up for the entire week.

On Earth Day (April 22), there was the Green Exposition at the Riverbanks Center.  Also at the Riverbanks Center was the awarding of the 2010 sustainable green acts for mother earth.  The awards are given as recognition to individuals, organizations, community association, business establishments, and barangays that continuously work for the welfare of mother earth.

On Friday, April 23, the "Todo Linis Hangin" campaign will be launched at the Bluewave Marquinton Mall.  This is an anti-smoke belching program which is a clean air & environment project of the city.

Also, several recyclable collection events will be conducted around the city.

Official Kabayani Candidates

The "Kabayani" Candidates those endorsed by Bayani Fernando.   Displayed at the park in front of City Hall is the official list of Candidates for Mayor, Vice-Mayor and District 1 Councilors.
Included in the party list are Richard Gordon, running for president and Bayani Ferando running for Vice-President.
Apr 17, 2010

Happy 380th Foundation Day Marikina !

Marikina City celebrates its 380th Foundation Day today, April 16, 2010.  In line with the city's celebration, a series of activities are set for the annual Ka-Angkan celebration, which is a family reunion of MarikeƱos nationwide and worldwide.  The opportunity is for the current youth to get acquainted with previous generations of relatives and ancestors.  There will be 42 clans participating this year.   Last year, the 40 clans consisted of over 9,000 members.

On  April 17,  a foot parade  will start at 4 p.m. at the Marikina Sports Park and march to the Riverbanks Amphitheater where there will be a concert and fireworks display. This celebration was initiated in 1998 by former Mayor Bayani Fernando.
Apr 16, 2010

The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt at SM Marikina

Love yogurt? Do you travel all the way to SM North or Mall of Asia just to get your White Hat fix? Look no further, Marikenyos! The White Hat is here to serve us at our very own SM Marikina :)

White Hat fan that I am, I've been visiting this yogurt place frequently for the past few months. I honestly don't know why it only occurred to me just now to blog it :P Anyway, my husband and I (he's also a yogurt fan!) used to brave the traffic and drive all the way to SM North EDSA or Mall of Asia just to have our White Hat fix. It's really great that this yummy yogurt is now just a stone throw's away!

The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt kiosk at SM Marikina opened last December, a Yuletide treat to the Ondoy-stricken mall. It's located at the second floor right across the entrance to the Department Store. You can't miss it :) The kiosk offers all the popular White Hat toppings like fruits, candies, Kitkat (my favorite!), homemade brownies and cheesecake. They also have green tea-flavored yogurt available at this branch.

Happy healthy eating! :)
Apr 15, 2010

McDonalds Marcos Highway Soon To Reopen

McDonalds Marcos Highway has been one of the longest running McDonalds branches in Marikina City.   This is one of the mozst popular McDonalds branches in the East cause it's very conveniently located along Marcos Highway.   They had function rooms for birthday parties and other celebrations.   They had a drive thru counter for motorists who want a quick take out meal.   They had a playground for kids.   They had wide screen LCDs with lots of fun McDonalds commercials and ads to watch.  They had an open air area with big umbrellas in the front for those who preferred to dine outside.  They were open for 24 hours.

Unfortunately, this branch was severely affected during Typhoon Ondoy and was submerged in floodwater during the typhoon's peak.  I'm sure everybody who passed through this area misses this branch since it's been closed for the past 6 months.

The good news is that McDonalds Marcos Highway is being renovated and already placed a tarpaulin in front announcing their reopening.   From the looks of the place, it seems they're building a 2nd floor, which is a good idea just in case something as worse as last year's flood happens again.

In the meantime, you can visit other McDonalds branches at Q Plaza in Cainta and McDonalds Sumulong Highway beside the Marikina Sports Center.

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Apr 9, 2010

Photo: The Sutble Stroll Through Marcos Highway

This is the side of Marcos highway Quezon City bound.  Just right after crossing the Marcos Bridge and Marikina River, an abundance of lush green trees and bushes richly grow along this highway stretch leading to Aurora Blvd, in Quezon City.
Apr 7, 2010

Get 1 Liter Of Gas For Free

Participating Shell gas stations in Marikina City are giving away a free liter of gas or diesel for every P500. accumulated receipts of gas bought from any of the 3 Shell gas stations.  If you gas up at one of the participating Shell gas stations, you can get 1 liter of gas or diesel from April 5 - 11, 2010 or P20. off any Shell Select or Shell Shop item from April 12 - 18, 2010.

The 3 participating Shell gas stations are:

  1. Marcos Highway Marikina (across Robinsons Metro East)
  2. A. Tuazon, San Roque, Marikina (Sumulong bound)
  3. Marcos Highway, Mayamot, Antipolo (going to Masinag)
Simply present your accumulated receipts along with a coupon (which can be requested at any of the 3 stations).

Hurry now and get that extra liter of gas for free !
Apr 6, 2010

Marikina City Prosecutor’s Office

When Republic Act No. 8223 was approved and signed into law on November 6, 1996 by former president of the Philippines Fidel V. Ramos, the municipality of Marikina was converted into The City Of Marikina.  It was also stated by law that a city prosecutor's office should be created.  Thus, the Marikina City Prosecutor’s Office was organized. It is now vested with jurisdiction to investigate, file and prosecute criminal cases that transpired within the territorial jurisdiction of Marikina City.

To know more of their services, partners, legal fees, case statuses and resolutions, visit their official website at http://www.marikinaprosecutors.com
Apr 5, 2010

Have Your Medicine Prepared For You

If you know what medicines you need to buy and would rather just pay for them than wait for it to be prepared when you get to a pharmacy, then the Watsons Same Day Call & Pick-up service is ideal for you.

Watsons Pharmacy provides a call and pick-up service so you can just call them up beforehand and give your list of medicines and other pharmacy items.   Watsons will prepare your order and will notify you when it is ready for pickup.  That way, you don't have to wait when you get there.  All you need to do is mention your order (and perhaps show a valid ID for verification) and pay for your order.    This is convenient especially for those who order lots of different medicine.

Watsons branch at SM City Marikina offers this service.  Just call 477-1772 to inquire and order.
Apr 3, 2010

Marikina Sports Center, open 24 hours!

Ever since Ondoy flooded Marikina (and Marcos Highway, where our subdivision is), I haven't visited Marikina Sports Center until recently. I've mostly frequented the gym at Robinson's East, or otherwise took a run in our village. But summer's here, and that makes running outdoors quite difficult.

Thing is, I'm really not too comfortable running at night. I haven't got the proper gear for night running safety (yet), and there are parts of my run route that aren't well-lit. The alternative? The Marikina Sports Center track oval! :)

My husband and I usually go to the track oval between 9 to 10pm. But a few days ago, we had to rush a number of client requests and projects before the Holy Week break, so we were only able to go to the Sports Center later than usual. I was afraid it would be closed, but lo and behold, the Sports Center staff said they're open 24 hours!

I'm not sure if this schedule is only for the summer. My family and I moved to this part of the Metro about two years ago (I've been a Quezon City girl since birth), and there really are a lot about Marikina I have yet to discover. Marikina Sports Center is one of them. I've been going there for months and it was only recently that I bothered to ask about its schedule :P "Manong Guard" and "Manong Ticketing Booth" just said it's open 24 hours except on Good Friday, when it was closed, and during days when the stadium is reserved for exclusive use.

I've always wanted to try running at a weird hour, say, 3am. With Marikina Sports Center's 24-hour schedule, I might just do that one of these days :D

For inquiries, contact MARIKINA SPORTS CENTER at 646-1635.

** The Php10 entrance fee allows you to use Marikina Sports Center's 400-meter tartan track oval anytime within the day except for specific holidays or when the stadium is reserved for exclusive use.

Photo: Immaculate Conception Church

This is the inside of Immaculate Conception Church in Concepcion, Marikina City. Several This is one of the most popular churches in Marikina where thousands of devotees visit during Holy Week.
Apr 2, 2010

Official Ballot Sample For 1st Legislative District

Here's a glimpse of an official ballot sample for the 1st Legislative District of Marikina for the upcoming May 2010 elections.   Aside from the candidate's full names, nicknames and party affiliations are included for easier recall.   This can assist you in selecting your desired candidates early on in preparation for the local elections.
Marikina 1st Legislative District

Convenient Bills Payment at SM City Marikina

For Marikenos, there's an easy way to pay your bills.  It's via SM City Marikina's payment centers.  There are 3 payment centers to choose from.  One is at the 3rd floor customer service center. The 2nd one is at the ground floor supermarket and 3rd is at the Upper Parking Level near the escalators.

They accept payments for a vast range of services categorized by cable, internet, telecoms, credit cards, insurance, real estate, utilities and selected government bills.

Here are the following accepted bills:

  • INSURANCE - CAP Educ / Pen, Sunlife of Canada, Sunlife Financial, Great Life, Knights of Columbus, Manila Memorial, Loyola Plans, Pru Life UK, Pramerica, Paramaount, Grepalife, Generali Pilipinas, ManupPlan/ManuLife, Philamlife, ACE
  • CREDIT CARDS - Citibank, Bankard, BDO, HSBC, HSBC PIL, Standard Chartered, Citifinancial, SM Guarantor, SB Cards, Diners Club, Amex, East West Bank, Allied Bank
  • TELECOMS - PLDT, Globe, Innove, Smart, Bayantel, Next Mobile, Digitel, Sun Cellular
  • REAL ESTATE - Earth & Style, Earth Aspire, Earth Prosper, Tahanan Yaman Homes, Extraordinary Devt. Corp, FIrst Advance Devt Corp, Kaiser Devt. Corp, SM Devt Corp, Sto Nina Devt Corp, SM Synergy, Pico de Loro
  • CABLE & INTERNET - Infocom, Now Cable, Cablelink, Try-Isys, My Destiny Internet, Sky Cable, Sky Internet, Destiny Cable
  • UTILITIES - Meralco, Maynilad, Manila Water, Primewater
I find settling my bills here convenient.  The payment center at the upper parking lot near the escalators has 5 counters so there are never any long lines.  Comfty seats are also available for customers and their companions.  

ECS e Livehood & Training Center

Located along Bayan-Bayanan Avenue in Concepcion, ECS e Livehood & Training Center offers free tuition fee program & subsidized/sponsorship registration.

Volunteers help train ECS families at their home base center. Volunteers sign up for either the Saturday & Sunday session or Monday to Friday or both. Each training session lasts approximately 3 hours.  Based upon the size of the school enrollment, between 40 and 80 families participate on a given Monday to Sunday  training day. Before the tutorial begins, all the attending families are given a free seminar.  Volunteers then help these families thru one on one tutorial, and learn the basic operations of word processing, file management, and the Internet.

Courses offered are:
1.  Computer Basic Training (Level 1 Basic)
  • Internet, VOIP,Chat, E-mail 
  • CD Burning
  • Word Processor Software
  • Spreadsheet Software
  • Presentation Software
2.  Computer Technician Training  (Level 1 Advanced)

Pay only P50/day for lab.  For more details, visit http://ecsfreetuitionfee.tripod.com.
ECS e Livehood & Training Center is located at 18 new (5E old) Benedicto Compound, Bayan-Bayanan Avenue, Concepcion 1, Marikina City 1807.
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Marikina City Celebrates Its 380th Foundation Day This April

Since the arrival of the Spanish friars in 1630, the valley was established as a pueblo meaning "little town".  A church was built and in 1687, it became a parish known as Mariquina.  In 1901 when the Americans came, its name officially became Marikina.

Much has happened to Marikina since then.  One of the most significant changes was on December 8, 1996 when Marikina, which used to be a munincipality of Rizal, was elevated to city status, being known henceforth as Marikina City.  The inauguration of the new status brought about rapid urbanization and commercial development wherein city government, businesses, shopping malls & tourism arose.  Marikina City became the 9th largest city in Metro Manila with a population of almost a half a million residents.

The city also enjoyed several awards such as the Best Local Government Unit in 1996, Most Outstanding City in the Philippines in 1998, Hall of Fame for the Cleanest & Greenest City in 1996 and the 3rd Most Competitive Metro City in the Philippines in 2002 among others.

This year, Marikina City is set to celebrate it's 380th Foundation Day on April 16, 2010.   Major events and activities city wide are expected for this special day of celebration.