Jul 7, 2010

Ayos Dito Sa Marikina

Ever needed household help and one who lives nearby ?  Or looking for a school service who caters to your kids school ?  Or looking for jobs online within your city ?

I did a quick search on AyosDito.ph for Marikina City and found these kinds of results.  I even found an ad of a  man currently living in Marikina looking for a job as a family driver.  This would be handy for my tita who usually needs a driver and prefers one who resides nearby for convenience.

This is what impressed me with AyosDito.ph.  Their online service is not only limited to a classified ads buy, sell & trading of items, but also serves as a venue for jobs and services within your location.  You won't find these kinds of ads on job sites who'll require you to submit your biodata and fill out a long form before adding you to their online database.  For me, it's the simplicity of adding your data as well as searching for it from within your locality which makes AyosDito.ph convenient and effective.

Try it out and do a search for Marikina and you'll find various results such as items, vehicles, condos, jobs, services and businesses within the city boundaries.  It's convenient for those with immediate needs and don't know where or how to start searching.  You just might find out that what you're looking for is close by.

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