Feb 12, 2009

Tapsi ni Vivian Official Launch Today

While along Marcos Highway earlier, I saw a huge searchlight in the sky. I wasn't sure where it came from. Then after making the u-turn along Marcos and heading to Gil Fernando, I finally saw where the searchlight was originating from... the 2nd floor of the new building where Tapsi ni Vivian is situated.

It's their official launch today (even if it was softlaunched last month). They're celebrating from 5pm up to 3am the next day. Being a 24 hour restaurant, it's not unusual. There were lots of cars parked there and it looked like there was a disco or party going on at the top floor.

Due to limited parking space, if you do happen to pass by Tapsi ni Vivian and spot a vacant parking space, don't even have 2nd thoughts about dining. That's your chance to sample and taste the fine bulalo and tapsi they have.

Bon Apetit !

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  1. hi!we love tapsi ni vivian! when i was in high-school they had a branch there just beside our school...very affordable and super yummy!

    Best Regards,