Feb 11, 2009

Preparing for Valentines Day

If you're the type who loves to give flowers to your loved-ones, then the best place to go in Marikina is in Bayan. Just at the side of the plaza (beside Ministop) fronting Marikina City Hall is a line of flower boutiques. They are open as early as 6am till 9pm. And during special occasions like Valentine's day, they are open as long as there are customers.

Their prices are very affordable even if it would increase during this peak season for flowers.

It's advisable to get there early cause even though flowers are delivered to them several times a day, the sheer demand for flowers during Valentines day may cause flowers to be sold out. You'll see cars parked all around them as the days come closer to Valentines.

I personally get my flowers from my suking florist, June & Chat flowers. They can create custom arrangements based on your requirements. Look for the morena with the smiling face and she'll happily assist you.


  1. @aileen :) well... malaking tulong sila sa akin for my floral needs, kaya share natin with everyone :D

    @noel you're welcome ! hope you get to buy there if you pass by. mura lang :)