Feb 21, 2009

Industrial Valley, Marikina's Gate

Some people think that Industrial Valley is part of Quezon City, when in fact, it's part of Marikina City.   Some think so because it's the only barangay of Marikina City on the other side of Marcos Highway.  Industrial Valley is also right beside Barangay Escopa, which is the zigzag and hilly area connected to C5/Katipunan in Quezon City.

Despite of its name, Industrial Valley is really residential in nature.  Several homes reside in this hilly and heavily tree-populated barangay with its main artery being Major Dizon road.   This is a straight road where Nativity of Our Lady Parish, the Barangay Hall, Public Safety Center (Fire Department, Police Station, and Ambulance) and park are all located.  The end of the road connects to Marcos Highway and just before entering the highway stretch is the Light Rail Transit (LRT) going to its final destination, Santolan Terminal.  

At the riverside sits Dutch Marikina, a series of homes whose colorful facades were patterned after Dutch architechture.  Motorists pass by Industrial Valley as a shortcut from C5 to Marcos Highway and Marikina Riverbanks.


  1. i like the ambiance at marikina industrial valley, nice community, clean surroundings, hoping someday ill be living there......

  2. Are there any jeepneys going to industrial valley pls help how to get here from riverbanks mall

    1. you can ride the green tricycles outside riverbanks for 8 pesos.