Apr 28, 2009

Three Neighboring Churches

In SSS Village, there are 3 churches that are all right beside each other.  Only walls separate the lots of these three churches.

Adhering to the standard architecture of their facades, a mid-sized Iglesia ni Cristo church is located along Sapphire St. 

To its left is St. Paul of the Cross Parish.  This Catholic church has been established in 1975 and caters to thousands of Catholic families within SSS Village and Rancho.  The lot used by the parish is the biggest of the three churches.   Originally run by Passionists Priests, it was turned over to the Diocese of Antipolo.  

And adjacent to both of these churches is Christ's Beloved Community (CBC). Inside their compound is where the Marikina Christian Integrated School (MCIS) is also located.  Their Sunday worship services start at 9:00am.

You could imagine that on Sundays, this area becomes heavily populated as church-goers visit and attend mass in their respective churches.

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