Jan 25, 2009

Floating Lights

I bet you're familiar with street lights located along the sidewalks on top of tall posts.   Some wide roads may have some additional lamp posts on the island divider.

You may be amazed with the Marikina street lights along A. Bonifacio... because they're floating at the center !

Along the stretch of A. Bonifacio street from Marcos Highway passing through Barangka and Sto. Nino,  all the way to the Marikina Bridge are a long series of lights floating above and center of the road.

The lights are actually suspended by cables which are fastened from both sides of the street.  In addition, all the lights are connected via cables from one light to the other, creating some sort of a web of cables but are barely visible especially at night.   It gives off the effect of floating lights.   Also, the lights make the road well lighted as opposed to the standard lamp posts which light up the sidewalk and could barely light the road.

I haven't seen this in any other city in the Metropolis so seeing this in Marikina makes the city unique.

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