Jan 18, 2009

Cafe Mina Under Renovation

Cafe Mina, the cafe owned by sexy actress Ara Mina is currently undergoing renovation.  I haven't personally visited their establishment so I hope they re-open soon.

Cafe Mina is located at the E-com complex at Marikina Riverbanks.


  1. congrats sa new blog.

    just post us an update sa plurk ha.

    astig...i love marikina!
    dyan ako lumaki nung bata pa ko

  2. thanks azrael ! :) naisip ko madali for me to post and feature Marikina people, events and places cause I go around the city almost on a daily basis (when I'm not online). :)

    I love marikina too ! I'm so happy it's organized. OC rin kasi ako eh.

  3. Nag-open na ba ulit? Hehe matagal na akong curious dyan eh :D