Jan 28, 2009

Katipunan Extension Shortcut Open To Light Vehicles

If you're coming from BayTree, Gen. Ordonez, SSS Village, Marikina Heights and even Bayan-Bayanan, you must be familiar with the long straight Katipunan Road which leads all the way to Sumulong Highway via the Katipunan-Sumulong road. 

And if you're leaving the city going towards Cainta, Pasig or Quezon City, one of the most popular routes is to take a left turn at the intersection of Sumulong Highway and Gil Fernando Ave., which leads to Marcos Highway.  This is a good route.  However, the stoplight at the intersection (near Bluewave Marquinton) takes almost 5 minutes long before your side turns green.

This is where the new Katipunan-Sumulong extensions comes in handy.   

A new road across the Katipunan-Sumulong road crosses Sumulong Highway and follows the zigzag curvature path of the creek and connects to Mt. Kennedy St.  You can turn right after crossing the bridge which leads to Mt. Vernon.  This road will lead you to Gil Fernando Ave. bypassing the major intersection (and possible traffic) along Sumulong Highway. 

Since this new road is also two-way, you can traverse this road heading to Sumulong Highway, where you'll see Kia Marikina to your immediate right.

The access road though is only allowed for light vehicles as the bridge can only support 5 tons.  A vertical clearance of 2.20 meters is imposed in the form of a metal pole placed horizontally above both ends of the access road to prevent ten wheeler delivery vans, trucks and buses to use the road.

Unfortunately for some hard-headed motorists whose vehicles won't fit the 2.20 meter clearance, you'll see some of them get stuck.  And then a few have forced their van resulting in damage for both the steel pole and their top.

Nevertheless, this road is indeed a shortcut especially when traffic along Sumulong Highway builds up.   The road is not well lighted during evenings so it's best to use it during the day.

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  1. I hope the local government closes this shortcut since the traffic traversing the subdivision has become heavy already. There are plenty of speedsters using this road thus resulting to multiple accidents.