Jan 22, 2009

A Doctor Near You

If there's one thing in Marikina City I've noticed, it's that there is an abundance of hospitals.  I'm not sure why so, but it is convenient and gives you a vast selection to choose from. 

Just where I'm located, there are 4 hospitals in a 2 kilometer radius. There are 2 hospitals along Katipunan Road near SSS Village.  One is SDS Medical Center at the corner of Katipunan and Aquamarine St.  This 4-storey hospital is relatively new and been around for 2 to 3 years.  And ocassionally, it's being subcontracted by GMA 7 for some of their telenovelas when they need a hospital setting.  My dad regularly visits this hospital as it is walking distance.

Less than a minute away to SDS also along Katipunan is the Immaculate Conception Hospital.  This has been around for a long time as the managing physician here has been our family doctor since I was a kid.  I've been admitted here around 10 years ago when I had dengue as well.   I've seen the hospital grow and expand.  The hospital now doubled in area than when it originally used.

Travelling from Katipunan to Sumulong Highway will lead you to the newest hospital in Marikina, the Marikina Valley Medical Center.   The hospital which opened in 2004, is right beside the entrance to Vista Valley subdivision.  This 6-storey hospital can handle a wide array of patients as they have a staff of doctors from every specialization.  

And last within the area at the end of Sumulong Highway is the Amang Rodriguez Medical Center.  
This public hospital is one, if not the biggest hospitals in Marikina City.  
The hospital which is just across Marikina Sports Center,  has been in operation for decades.   This hospital is regularly seen or mentioned on TV as News crews regularly visit this hospital to report of any patients admitted.  Wounded victims from vehicular accidents, crime or shootouts are usually brought here by default because it's the nearest hospital to city hall, the police station and Marikina's 166 Emergency Service.

There are many more hospitals within Marikina City.  These 4 just happen to be close to each other.  So if you're within the vicinity, you can easily choose which one to go to.


  1. I guess there are many hospitals in Marikina because the priority of the government first is the safety of the people which includes the health on top of the list. That's how I understood though, follows cleanliness (",)


    Like your blog. Beautiful Marikina indeed.

    Bon and Jeff Galicia
    Bahay BJ ~A Home of Love~

  2. @Bon & Jeff: makes sense. haven't seen this though implemented to that extent in other neighboring cities kaya I think I noticed it here in Marikina.

    Thanks for the heads up ! :)

  3. Out on Marcos Highway, I noticed Salve Regina Hospital also. It looks to be about the same size as SDS, although fewer levels, just broader lot area.

  4. i agree, there are several hospitals in marikina per local area, as in blocks away from each other compared to other cities in the metro. a new tertiary hospital will soon rise in 2012, also within the vicinity but near the city boundary of pasig and very near sm marikina.

  5. forgot to post the name of the hospital.... it is Marikina Doctors Hospital and Medical Center.... GO GO Marikina...