Jan 24, 2009

Banking Convenience

If there's one thing Marikina City is filled with, it's banks.   Several banks are scattered all around the city for banking convenience with a wide selection to choose from.

Just along Gil Fernando street, the main artery connecting Marcos Highway and Sumulong Highway, are 7 different banks relatively close to each other.  

Coming from Marcos Highway, the nearest are Planters Bank to the left and the ever busy Landbank to the right.  Across the street from Landbank where jeeps load and unload passengers is the newly opened Bank of
 Commerce.  This used to be the Pares joint which now relocated to 3 stalls farther.

Cruising further along Gil Fernando is one of the new banks opened here, BDO.   It's sharing a spot in the new building with with New Horizons Computer Learning Center just beside and a Bikasa, a new coffee shop behind it.

Next is RCBC.  Occupying a huge block near across St. John of the Baptist hospital and one of the nightly restaurants along Gil Fernando, this bank has been one of the longest established banks in the vicinity.

Less than a minute apart by foot are Metrobank, Allied Bank and Asia United Bank.  Metrobank is the biggest of the 3 occupying a huge chunk of area and is its own building.  There is ample parking and the security guards here never cease to smile back at you when going in or coming out.  Asia United Bank is a relatively small bank which opened around 2008 and is just right beside the shoe store Happy Feet.

And finally, the last bank along this stretch is the government owned Veterans Bank.  
Just across Shell gasoline station, this bank caters not only to veterans but for other government-related payments such as BIR and SSS.   From every 20th of the month onwards, you'll always see a huge tent with seats outside as veterans come in the dozens to collect their monthly benefits.

Majority of these banks run under regular banking hours 9am-3pm.  If you can't seem to fit your schedule to their hours, there is Veterans Bank which closes at 4pm and BDO which runs on extended hours until 6pm.  For the early bird, Landbank opens as early as 8:30am.  And conveniently located nearby is McDonalds, so you can conduct your banking once it opens to avoid any long lines and then have breakfast afterwards.

Whatever needs you may have within this part of Marikina City, hopefully one of these banks will cater to you banking needs.

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