May 25, 2009

Free Diagnostic Tests for E.nopi Math and English

E.nopi Math and English programs are now being offered at the 2nd floor of C & B Mall, at the Liwasang Kalayaan Road in Marikina Heights.

E.nopi Math cultivates student's basic computational, logical and analytical thinking skills through challenging word problems, spatial reasoning puzzles and other critical thinking activities.  This innovative curriculum is a balanced program that effectively develops the 9 areas of math (numbers, algebra, functions, patterns, measurement, geometry, statistics, reasoning and data analysis)

E.nopi English enhanced student's language and literay skills through listening, speaking, reading (comprehension) and writing (composition) exercises.

The primary aim of standard, school-based educational systems is to provide a general base of knowledge and skills that all students should possess. The E.nopi program supplements this fundamental learning experience by preparing students for school classes and helping them to achieve maximum benefit from their academic practices. E.nopi encourages students to acquire self-motivation, independence, and proactive learning methods by placing them at the center of all learning activities.

For more details, contact their office at 933-1102, 942-4984 and via mobile at 0920 817-9122.  For more information, you can visit their website at

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  1. Thanks sharing, Enopi helps sharpen your child’s mind. Children learn the most when they are playing. When they are playing games, their brain works to creatively analyze and think beyond their limitations. For detail see: