May 24, 2009

Colorful Beginnings of SSS Village

In 1969, former president Ferdinand Marcos spearheaded a project giving SSS members an opportunity to own their own houses with long-term but convenient plans.   The idea was to offer 500 SSS members a slot for the opportunity to avail of the low-cost housing via raffle.  The area where these houses would be located was to be known as SSS Village.

My mom, which was then looking for a house to own, joined the raffle and luckily won a slot.   And she, along with the other 499 lucky draws all became the first homeowners of this brand new village.

Since the village didn't have any street names to begin with, all the houses were addressed by lot and block numbers.  Since it was confusing, the homeowners association decided to hold a meeting and brainstorm for possible street name themes.  One of the proposed themes were Filipino song names, like Sarunbanggi.  Fortunately, it didn't receive such a favorable response due to its difficulty in coming up with several names not to mention difficult ones.

The theme which was finally agreed on were colors.  And so, up to this day, Phase 1 and 2 of SSS Village all comprise of colorful street names.  Aquamarine, Tangerine, Olive, Crimson, Peach, Gold, White, Purple, Azure, Scarlet and Russet are just a few of the names within SSS Village.

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  1. Can you please point out exactly the boundaries of SSS Village, like roughly what are the streets that make up the enclosure of SSS Village?

    1. Coming from Sumulong Highway, when you turn left to Katipunan extension, the connecting road where the small bridge leading to Balanti, Cainta, is the start of SSS Village. Turn right to Tangerine and that goes to the several "color" named streets, which are all within SSS Village Phase 1. Gen Ordonez St. is the other boundary from that side connecting to side streets. And on the other side, Lilac street before going up the bridge to Antipolo is the other end. Most of the streets within those three main roads are within SSS Village. Hope this helps.