May 10, 2009

McDonalds Has A Home In Marikina

One of the branches of McDonalds in Marikina is right beside the Marikina Sports Center.  When McDonalds was first built here, a new street between it and the Sports Center was formed.  Since the new street that sandwiched the two establishments didn't have any name, it was formally named "McDonald Avenue".

Since then, this has been one of the busiest streets in Marikina. This road connects Sumulong Highway and the City Hall of Marikina.  During the mornings, people who go in and out of the Sports Center for their morning exercises around the track and field, pass through this street as the entrance is situated in front of this street.  During the day, several passenger tricycles and city vehicles pass by as well.  During major events like concerts, prayer rallies and sports competitions held inside the Marikina Sports Center, this road serves as the entrance to the venue.  The Marikina doll museum is also located along this road.  

McDonalds also has a separate venue at the back good for kiddie parties and seminars.  

The road that took the name of a fastfood franchise is now part of Marikina's map.

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