Jan 30, 2009

Paliparan, The Long Stretch of a Road

The long one way roads connecting Bayan and Concepcion are collectively called Paliparan.  One end connects to Shoe Avenue, one of the main roads in Bayan, Marikina City and the other end leads to Bayan-Bayanan Ave. where the Immaculate Concepcion Church is located.  Their actual road names are E. Santos St. (one way from Bayan to Concepcion) and E. Rodriguez St.  (one way from Concepcion to Bayan).

Both roads are parallel to each other. This is a prime road for motorists as jeeps from Montalban, San Mateo, Parang and SSS Village all traverse this road to get to Bayan.  It's basically a straight and flat road.

Ever wondered why they call those roads  Paliparan ?

Well, during the Japanese occupation, this area used to be a Japanese airfield which planes used to land and take off, hence "Paliparan", which is Tagalog for "runway".  This is also the reason why this multi-kilomter road is so straight.

So the next time you pass Paliparan, think of passing through a road that used to be a airplane runway.

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