Aug 23, 2009

Updated Bluewave Parking Guidelines

The Bluewave Parking lot just beside the Bluewave Marquinton Mall offers free parking for mall goers. However, recently, Bluewave management enforced additional guideline on the use of their parking lot.

The parking lot will now be open from 10:00am till 1:00am everyday. However, overnight parking is not permitted. And to enforce this, a hefty fine of P5,000. will be imposed to owners who leave their vehicle after said hours.

Since Jollibee, Tapa King and Starbucks all open and offer breakfast as early as 7:00am, parking is still available at the back and in front of the mall so it won't pose any problems as to finding a parking space.

Starbucks, Yellow Cab and the movie theaters close as late as around 12:00 - 1:00am. So just make sure you check the time if you happen to watch a movie and spend a late dinner or hang around for coffee. Around this time, you could always move your car from the side parking to the front.

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