Aug 6, 2009

A High Rise Marikina River

Its no secret that when heavy rains pour over the Metro, Marikina River is usually part of the news updates on radio and TV. And since the Marikina River passes through several towns and cities, it is a concern to be alerted especially if you live near any stretch of the riverbanks.

And when Marikina River's level rises, the river doubles in width. All the bikelanes, walkways and roads on both sides of the River slowly get submerged.
It doesn't necessarily have to rain hard in Marikina City for the river to rise as the higher areas of Quezon City, the hills of San Mateo and Montalban mountains in Rodriguez, Rizal all contribute their rainfall to the Marikina River. What is usually a calm scenic route of a river becomes a raging river with waters speeding at faster rates.

As long as the rains aren't non-stop, the river goes back to its normal level in a day or two.

The Marikina River: a gentle river turning into a dangerous gush in stormy weather.

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