Jun 26, 2010

Marikina Riverpark and Marikina Riverbanks

In the past, friends have asked for directions how to get to both Marikina Riverpark and Marikina Riverbanks.   As similar as the names are, they're 2 different and separate places within Marikina.  The only thing they have in common is that they're both beside the Marikina River.

Marikina Riverbanks is home to the Marikina Riverbanks Center which is a mall home to Savemore Supermarket, Off-Price Dept. Store, Handyman and a lot of specialty and outlet shops.  The mall is also popular for its huge section dedicated to shoes of all brands.   The World's Largest Shoes made by Marikenos is also displayed in the mall right beside the shoe stores.

Riverbanks Amphitheater at night
Aside from the mall, there are also several other establishments within the Marikina Riverbanks. There's the amphitheater along the river banks which serves as a park and concert venue.  There's the Skyline Riverbend Hotel which is one of the two distinct hotels in the city.  There's also a branch of the Sykes call center at the side of the hotel.   In front of the hotel parking lot is the Kotse Network used car dealer with several cars displayed for sale.   At the other end of Marikina Riverbanks is Dencios Bar & Grill Restaurant with an upperdeck and a birdseye view of the Marikina River from a vantage point.  Just across the Grill is the E-com Building where the Philippine Science Centrum is located and Figaro and 7-11 by the roadside.

There are 3 ways to get to Marikina Riverbanks.  If you're coming from C-5 Libis, take the Marikina fork and follow the road parallel to the Marikina River.  It will take you straight to Riverbanks.  If you're coming from Antipolo, travel via Marcos Highway and take the exit after passing SM City Marikina and the bridge.   If you're coming from Aurora Blvd in Quezon City, take the left fork flyover leading to Barangka, Marikina.  Turn right at the 2nd stoplight which leads to Marikina Riverbanks.

Marikina Riverpark is around 2 kilometers away from Marikina Riverbankst.   Both places are also connected by a pedestrian path parallel to the Marikina River and it would take a 10 - 15 minute walk to get from one to the other.  

During the day, Marikina Riverpark serves as a bike and jogging path to several nearby residents.  Health conscious people also form regular groups and exercise daily at the Riverpark.   Just beside the riverpark is a prominent statue of a lady and a ship.  The Lady statue is popularly known as Marikit-Na who in one legend is believed to be where the name Marikina was derived.  The ship behind her used to be a floating restaurant but discontinued service after Typhoon Ondoy.  During the Christmas season, the entire open lot of Marikina Riverpark is transformed into a bargain tiangge area where hundreds of vendors put up stalls to sell all kinds of items in time for the holiday season.

Marikit-Na Statue at Marikina Riverpark
Marikina Riverpark is known for its colorful and lively nightlife.  At night, the Riverpark suddenly becomes alive with lights and sounds as several bars & restaurants are situated along the river side.   The likes of bars such as Bonchalet, Papajeks, East 53 and Enzimone offer food, drinks and live entertainment till the wee hours of the morning.   The river at night reflects the well-lighted pedestrian paths ideal for late night strolls at the park.

To get to Marikina Riverpark from Quezon City, head to Aurora Blvd and take the left fork flyover to Marikina proper.  Go straight until you reach the Marikina Bridge.  To the right is the Marikina Riverpark.   From C-5, take the same route as going to Marikina Riverbanks and head to the end connecting A Bonifacio St.  Turn right and head straight till you reach the Marikina Bridge.

If you're bringing a car, you need to take a left turn at J.P. Rizal after crossing the bridge.  Then, take the immediate 1st left which  will lead you to a road under the bridge which connects to the Riverpark stretch.  Parking is free along the Riverpark.

In any case, both Marikina Riverbanks and Marikina Riverpark are worth visiting and provide a scenic view of the Marikina River.


  1. is marikina riverbank & park still of what was written there ???

  2. Yes, there are still restos, a bike and jog path at Marikina Riverpark, while the big shoes are still over at Riverbanks mall.

    1. This park is almost picture perfect when I went there with friends a few years ago. Only thing that bothers us is that we wish they re-route that water pipe that is sticking out near the pedal boat rental. Water and other pollutants coming from the city is seen going out of that pipe and going into the river and its really becoming an eyesore.

  3. bakit wala man lang mga date kung kelan itinayo for example yung marikit statue? wala ako makita sa web, kulang sa info

  4. kung galing ng metro east/ sta/ ;ucia mall... paano papuntang riverbanks?

    1. You can take a jeep along Marcos Highway and get down after SM Marikina. From there you can walk. Sometimes there are pedicabs there too if you don't want to walk. Without traffic from Sta Lucia/Metro East: 10 - 15 minutes.