Jun 8, 2010

McDonalds Marcos Highway Reopens

The McDonalds Marcos Highway branch has been one of the most popular fastfood branches in Marikina.   It has been a permanent fixture along Marcos Highway for years and has been home to thousands of meetups, birthday parties, family day lunch outs, friendly meetups and late night hangouts with friends.  Unfortunately, due to the wrath of Typhoon Ondoy, several businesses were submerged  including this McDonalds branch.
elevated at least 4 feet from the ground

Fast forward to 8 months after the destruction of Typhoon Ondoy,  McDonalds Marcos Highway has reopened its branch to the public last June 1, 2010.  The old place was severely flooded which is why the fastfood chain wasn't just renovated but actually rebuilt its store entirely from the ground up.   As a result, the new McDonalds is 4 feet higher above the ground including its terrace, function rooms, playground and drive thru thus making the branch flood free.  The store still has its McCafe counter inside and still operates 24 hours a day.

Everything has been upgraded: a new look, new interior design, new party rooms, cozy seats and a spacious outdoor terrace for the smoking area.   The function rooms can anywhere from 30 to 100 guests.  What's interesting is that the function rooms aren't only limited to birthday parties.  The manager of McDonalds Marcos Highway also mentioned that the function rooms can be reserved for business meetings for up to 2 hours with a minimum of P3,000. consumable.  For inquiries on reservation and booking, call 646-0665.

McDonalds Marcos Highway is located along Gunting St,. corner Marcos Highway, San Roque near Sta Lucia East Mall.

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