Mar 28, 2021

OLOPSC Offers Remote Learning Through Online Classes

In 2020, the pandemic hit at the time where the majority of academic institutions in the Philippines were already on the last couple of weeks of classes for the school year. Unfortunately, classes were cut short because of strict lockdown and quarantine measures within Marikina City and extending throughout the country.

To adapt to the situation, Our Lady of Perpetual Succor College (OLOPSC) set up and implemented a remote learning program called OLOPSC Home-Based School or HoBS, a new program that allows students to continue their education through a modified hybrid teaching and learning system.

Initially, HoBS was thought of simply as a solution to the "New Normal" in order for OLOPSC to continue providing service to its students and their parents. As the pandemic prolonged though, the Philippine education scene remained unpredictable.

OLOPSC realized that HoBS was not just a temporary solution but also an essential part of the new normal. Through the home-based based learning program, OLOPSC is proud to see success in the experience of its students including those from different parts of the country and abroad.

For school year 2020-2021, OLOPSC had enrollees who are situated in Mandaluyong City, Eastern Samar, Albay, Catanduanes, Cagayan Valley, Middle East, and in the U.S.
Rona Ashley Olavario, BSE-English (currently based in Albay) - photo courtesy of OLOPSC

For the new school year 2021-2022, OLOPSC opens its doors virtually to more students from different parts of the Philippines and the world.

Thanks to educational institutions like OLOPSC that adapt to change and continue to provide quality education to students empowering learners.

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Photos courtesy of OLOPSC
Thanks to Angelica Grey Flores, OLOPSC School Promotions Officer

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