Feb 21, 2019

Remembering the Marikina Line through the Riverland Express Train

If you enter Marikina City from Quezon City via C5, you'll be passing through Marikina Riverbanks Center and one of the prominent structures you'll notice is the Riverland Express Train.  The train is located beside a studio-warehouse opposite Riverbanks Mall facing the side of Marikina River.

From 1906 to 1936, the "Marikina Line" was one of three lines of the Manila Railroad Company (Cavite, Marikina and Antipolo Lines) which started from Rosario, Pasig (Tramo) and continued all the way to the towns of Marikina (Daang Bakal), San Mateo and Montalban totalling 24.27 kilometers.

This locomotive, owned and donated by the now defunct Pampanga Sugar Development Corporation, was an actual vintage steam train used in Pampanga and Tarlac in early 20th century.  

Today, the Riverland Express Train is a landmark signifying the historical significance of Marikina being a part of early 20th century locomotive transportation.

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