Apr 12, 2012

[Photos] Entering Marikina City from Quezon City

The Barangka Flyover is one of two major entry points to Marikina City from Quezon City.

From Quezon City, Aurora Blvd. splits into A. Bonifacio Ave to the left and Marcos Highway to the right.


  1. Hello Can I get a direction how to get to Brgy Tumana because I heard that there is a Materials Recovery Facility in there so we would like to vsit that for our docu filn about waste management. We choose Marikina because it is a good example of a city with proper waste management. So I would like to.ask how can we commute from Manila to Brgy Tumana or Riverbank to Brgy Tumana? So we ca visit the MRF. Please answer my question thank you and godbless ~

  2. If commuting, you can go to Cubao and take the Cubao-San Mateo or Cubao-Montalban jeeps. When they reach Concepcion, they'll take JP Rizal St. From there, Tumana is less than 1 minute away. Get down at the T intersection and from there you can take a tricycle at the tricycle stand.

  3. Hi. I will be buying leather stuff from De La Paz and JP Rizal stores. Do you happen to know which FX from Cubao should I be riding in?