Dec 21, 2009

Starbucks Bluewave Still Closed

Bluewave Marquinton mall was one of the directly affected buildings along Sumulong Highway during the Typhoon Ondoy floods. The mall was closed for a month afterwards to undergo repair. Soon after it reopened, the stores located on the ground floor one by one re-opened. A couple of stores though didn't reopen anymore like Mongkok, beside Watsons.

One of the high anticipated stores to reopen is Starbucks. There are only 2 starbucks branches in Marikina City and the one in Bluewave Marquinton in particular has been a popular place to hang out and have late night coffee until midnight.

Sadly though, there are no signs that the Bluewave branch is being renovated or cleaned up. It pretty much looks abandoned. Hopefully, they will reopen as its location is ideal for Marikenos who crave for their coffee products.

UPDATE: Last week, I learned that the owners of this Starbucks branch visited Bluewave Mall, probably for damage assessment or rebuilding plans. I heard that there are plans for this Starbucks branch to reopened soon. A lot of Marikenos are anxiously awaiting it.

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  1. can i know what is your contact no.??/because i want to reserve a couple of people there.between 20-25 person...asap