Jun 2, 2009

Marikina Valley Medical Center

If you visit Marikina, you'll notice that there is an abundance of hospitals. I mentioned before that I noticed from Sumulong Highway, there are at least seven hospitals within a 2 kilometer radius.  Among those hospitals, Marikina Valley Medical Center is one of the newest ones.  
Marikina Valley Medical Center is located along Sumulong Highway, and walking distance to Bluewave Robinsons Supermarket and Bluewave Marquinton Mall.
It's a 7 storey twin stucture building.  Tagging their motto as Quality Health Care in the "Shoe Capital", they offer the following services: surgery and anesthesia, labaratory, radiology, physical therapy rehabilitation, opthalmology services, hemodialysis, dental services, pediatrics, ob-gynecology, emergency medicine and family medicine.  They have over 35 departments.  A long list of doctors, their specialties and their schedules can be found here.
Marikina Valley Medical Center is located along Sumulong Highway corner Aguinaldo St., 1800 Marikina City with telephone No.: 682-2222 connecting all departments  and 645-MVMC (Emergency Room).  Telefax No. is 682-3399.  
You can check them out online at https://www.marikinavalleymedicalcenter.com/
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  1. I took my husband to the ER on 02/17/19 because he had been having diarrhea for 6 days. We were ready with a stool sample so he can be tested immediately. We waited in line and was interviewed by the ER nurse at around 7:30pm. We provided the stool sample, was checked by an ER lady doctor (Dra. Diaz) after around 30 minutes and was advised to wait for the results of the stool exam which should be available in 2 hours. We informed the doctor that we will have dinner first and will be back by 10pm. We came back as planned but lab test result was not available yet. Since it was uncomfortable for my ailing husband to sit in a plastic monoblock chair in the ER, I advised him to take a nap in our van. I waited until 11pm, asked the doctor for update and was told to just wait. I went to the van to check on my husband, stayed with him for around 45 mins. then went back to the ER to check again but RESULT was not yet available. I noticed that the other patients in the ER have been discharged already except us so I talked to the doctor and asked how a simple stool exam would last for 5 hours. I was told that Laboratory has not released the result yet and was advised to wait AGAIN. After 30 minutes, I found my situation unacceptable so I left the ER and went to the Laboratory room to follow-up personally. There was one nurse there who checked on the computer and responded that the test is already done. I asked her how come it took so long and what time was the test finished. She seemed reluctant to answer my question and just advised me that result will be forwarded to the ER immediately. I was trying my best to be patient and to be calm as best as I could. So, I went back to the ER, talked to the doctor and told her that I took the initiative of checking with the Laboratory personnel myself. I was advised that they will process the diagnosis and was told to wait for a few more minutes. To cut the long story short (I could rant for hours here), the diagnosis was chronic gastroenteritis and was prescribed Buscopan and Oresol for hydration. Before being discharged by the ER nurse, I was him about the procedure and why it took 6 hours (by the time we were about to be discharged) for a simple fecalysis exam. All he could say was that they are dependent on the Laboratory personnel and just asked for patience. I told him that I was trying my best and that I felt bad because Marikina Valley is our ¨go to¨ hospital. That is where my brother and niece was previously admitted. However, given this experience, I told my husband that I will not bring our kids there anymore should an emergency situation arises. I hope the management does something to improve their services. We go to hospital to be treated not to be stressed as mentioned by another patient in another feedback in Facebook. In fairness to Dra. Diaz and the male ER nurse who discharged us, both were kind and patient. It is just unfortunate that they are heavily dependent to the laboratory results that are forwarded to them.