Mar 8, 2009

Biksa Coffee

I discovered this coffee shop in a strange way.  I was having my car fixed at Rey's Electric Automotive Shop at the corner of Gil Fernando.   While I was waiting for the car to be serviced, I walked around the corner and was surprised to see a coffee shop.  The exterior looked like it was a coffee shop of a hotel but in the heart of a residential area.   And it was a break too from the busy streets of Gil Fernando Ave.

I finally got to try them out a month later with my blogger friends.   The inside is cozy.  The interiors are so well decorated like an elegant sala of a modern day mansion, that you'll forget that this is just behind a bank, a school, a car repair shop and the houses surrounding the area.   There are pieces of furniture like comfty sofas,  elegant lights and lamps, high-dangling curtains, artistic wall-mounted frames and their unique love seat with matching pillows perfectly fit for two.   Lighting is just right to relax the eyes.  This is all what you'll see the moment you step in.  And we haven't yet talked about their food and drinks.

I ordered a cafe mocha.  They call their servings "Executive" and "Tycoon", representing "Medium" and "Large" respectively.  In a way, it's like a self-gratifying notion of whether you want to be an executive or tycoon for the day.   Their tycoon serving is huge.  I was served a big mug of cafe mocha with a generous topping of whipped cream and a dash of chocolate that entirely covered my drink.  I have to say it was a tasty mix.   My girlfriend ordered mint tea and we were both surprised that instead of given a cup of hot water and tea bag, she was served an entire teapot of Moroccan Mint green tea.   That was a delightful surprise since it was obviously more than a regular cup of tea.

Aside from cold and hot variations of tea and coffee blends, they also offer desserts like slices of cakes and pastries.

Did I mention that they have free WIFI and it's really fast ?   It's another reason to stay and enjoy your drink and food.

The first time I saw their name, I was thinking what heritage or culture does the name "Biksa" come from.  I learned through a TV feature that they're called Biksa Coffee, so when someone asks you where you are in Tagalog, you'd reply "Sa Biksa Coffee ako", which when heard in another manner can translate to "sabik sa coffee ako" (I am fond of coffee).

If you do pass by the area, I suggest you try them out.   I heard that they're open till 1 or 2 am.

Biksa Coffee is located at 18 Gil Fernando Avenue corder Dragon Street (just behind BDO). 
For more information, visit their website at

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  1. ME ALSO... IVED BEEN THERE! WALA NMANG PINAGKAIBA SA LASA NG MGA PRODUCTS NLA,,, I WAS JUST AMAZED HOW BEAUTIFUL THE PICTURES OF THEIR CAFE... MAGNIFICENT ANGLES & SHOTS!!! GALING NUNG PHOTOGRAPHER NILA! BUT WHEN I VISITED THE PLACE,,, hmmmmm... MAS MAHAL P RIN CLA COMPARED SA IBANG CAFE, dpt lng kc im sure Mahal dn ung Rent sa place, unless they own the whole building. at nsa liblib n lugar pa! dpt may car ka para hnd ka mpagod mgpunta dun. pang Sosyal tlaga. Ung Service? ang Yabang nung isang Barista nila,suplado p! akala q magaling. badshot nman pla gmwa ng kape! sa Dining nman.. Sosyal tlaga ung place,, ang ganda! Ok tlga kpg magreRELAX ang ppunta, pero ung nagseserve may amoy, badbreath dn! Ung Owner? mayabang din ung sbi nyang surgeon dw xa, baduy pa ng get-up! high waist-bitin pants, hehehe! Millions daw gastos nya dun? i think its true.

    OVER-ALL RATING... coffee? Normal ; Food? Fair ; Place? d'Best sa mga Sosyal ; Service? Poor ; Profile Pictures? Excellent!!!