Jan 19, 2024

SSS Village: The Neighborhood That Originally Housed 500 Lucky Raffle Winners

SSS Village is one of the longtime neighborhoods in Marikina City. a lively residential place that is full of life. But its story doesn't start with builders and plans. Instead, it starts with a lucky break and a dream of owning a home.

A Raffle, A Dream, and 500 Lucky Filipinos: One of President Ferdinand Marcos's new ideas in 1969 was to hold a draw where 500 members of the Social Security System (SSS) would have the chance to own their own homes. The prize? A chance to own a house in a brand-new community called SSS Village. Our family was one of the lucky raffle winners given the chance to live in this Barangay in Concepcion Dos.

Colorful Beginnings: The lucky 500 moved into their new homes in 1975, full of joy. The homeowners' group was faced with their first challenge: naming the streets. Filipino song names were considered but not chosen because they were too long. They then looked at colors, and presto! Streets in Phases 1 and 2 of SSS Village were given bright names like Aquamarine, Green, Tangerine, Velvet, Olive, and Crimson.

From a humble start to a thriving community, SSS Village has grown over the years. As more phases were added, more schools and churches popped up, and people really cared about each other. Many of the people who lived in the village when it first opened saw their children grow up and start their own lives in the same place they knew so well. The village did face its own set of challenges and difficulties, such as floods, road repairs, renovation, and commercialization.

More Than Just Houses: These days, SSS Village is more than just houses. It’s a place where some businesses have sprouted, like a hotel, a convention center, and a couple of restaurants. Schools and places of worship are also accessible within SSS Village.

What's next for SSS Village after "Bricks and Mortar"? As Marikina City changes, SSS Village is ready to change with it and do well. Its great location, close-knit neighborhood, and long-past history show how strong home is and how dreams can bring people together.

Don't forget to visit SSS Village the next time you're in Marikina City. You may find one of your favorite colors as a street name. You might catch a glimpse of the community's lively energy. It all started with a raffle, a dream, and 500 lucky people.

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