Jul 5, 2013

Message For the Mayor?

We've read comments from other threads in the blog wanting to address messages to the Marikina Mayor.  This isn't the official website of Marikina City, but feel free to leave any public messages here and we'll forwrd the link to the Public Information Office at City Hall.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Mayor,

    I hope you do something about our Marikina traffic it is worsening. Our PUVs are no longer following traffic rules and more so the proper drop offs - They just stop at their own will whether or not it is at the middle of the road to take on and off passengers. Good Example Barangka riverbank and Bayan area where these PUV folks make the public road their own parking lot or terminal. Also pedestrians and passengers are next to these, they stay in the middle of the road to hail a ride or they do not use the pedestrian walks properly and take their time crossing the road like it were a walk in the park. Another rising issue is road courtesy.

    Another issue is rising number of vagrants (children to adults) roaming around the city and vandalism on walls by pseudo gangs. Good thing they are not messing our house wall cause they know that they might get it from me. I guess these folks know me enough to mess around with. Please let us not tolerate these.. We have guests each day in our city and it is not a site to see if these are present. I hope we can do something about it.

    I hope you continue the legacy of Sir Bayani Fernando. He has changed our lives for the better and so that we expect of you. I am a great conduit and advocate to a progressive Marikina.