Jun 2, 2009

Marikina Valley Medical Center

If you visit Marikina, you'll notice that there is an abundance of hospitals. I mentioned before that I noticed from Sumulong Highway, there are at least seven hospitals within a 2 kilometer radius.  Among those hospitals, Marikina Valley Medical Center is one of the newest ones.  

Marikina Valley Medical Center is located along Sumulong Highway, and walking distance to Bluewave Robinsons Supermarket and Bluewave Marquinton Mall.

It's a 7 storey twin stucture building.  Tagging their motto as Quality Health Care in the "Shoe Capital", they offer the following services: surgery and anesthesia, labaratory, radiology, physical therapy rehabilitation, opthalmology services, hemodialysis, dental services, pediatrics, ob-gynecology, emergency medicine and family medicine.  They have over 35 departments.  A long list of doctors, their specialties and their schedules can be found here.

Marikina Valley Medical Center is located along Sumulong Highway corner Aguinaldo St., 1800 Marikina City with telephone No.: 682-2222 connecting all departments  and 645-MVMC (Emergency Room).  Telefax No. is 682-3399.  

You can check them out online at http://www.marikinamedical.com

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