May 14, 2010

Cyber Sex Operations Raided In Concepcion Dos

Following a formal complaint, the National Bureau of Investigation raided the office of Urban International Trading at 62-A WYH Building, Katipunan Road, Concepcion Dos, which was allegedly engaged in a cyber sex bsuiness.   The suspects to the online pornographic website are husband and wife owners Steve M. Tiffany and Madel E. Tumulac.   One of their employees, who was currently engaged in sex chat posing as an American female model on Yahoo Messenger, was also arrested and two others are still being tracked down.

They were charged with Article 201 of the Revised Penal Code (Immoral Doctrines, Obscene Publications and Exhibitions and Indecent Shows), and Section 3 of Republic Act (An Act Defining the Crime of Child Pornography) at the Marikina City Prosecutor’s Office.

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  1. why dont they raid those bars in manila and angeles, those girls sell their selfs in real, the philippines is a joke with the laws, they have no idea what they are doing like cave men, its not allowed to cam naked but is allowed for people to buy your wifes and daughters in real. backwards country!!

  2. Why are they arresting them?? is it wrong to cybersex chat?

  3. Cyber sex business is indeed illegal. It is not illegal if you are doing with your partner, privately, meaning inside your house and not for the purpose of getting money. The term business itself is the keyword. Cyber sex is never a business but an exploitation.


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